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This week: Flying “Air Jackass,” fear of the ghost of Ronald McDonald and a machete wielding maniac with a desperate need to poop … plus this year’s Hookerween countdown!


Hookerween 2015:

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  1. Haha helicopter dick XD
    also that guy that danced on the house that burned down wow ! he’s crazy sooooo fucking crazy

  2. For the story of the woman harassing a family with children, I feel they spent too long on the “magazines” thing and not enough on the “May I taste the kids?”. Because that’s the really scary part if you ask me.

  3. “unless there’s anacondas…”

    Maybe the guy was a huge Sir Mix-a-Lot fan?

  4. I remember the talking doll from Twilight Zone. I still watch re-runs of Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. They are better than any original SyFy Channel programming.

  5. I’ve had some crazy exes do some crazy things, but that guy wins the award for one of the craziest exes in history.

  6. The cops should have just pushed that asshole back into the burning house. Save the tax payers money.

    (And no, I’m not being serious, but god damn.)

  7. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Man that last story of that man burning down his exs house he must have some real beef with her to do that. Also poor Ronald McDonald he’s a friendly clown but that guy didn’t have to cut his head off(statue murderer)!!!!!

  8. How does cutting off the feet prevent the ghost from chasing you?

  9. Any man, woman, or child that delays a flight for more than an hour should be put in the torture chair from Clockwork Orange and forced to watch Airline safety videos equivalent to the amount of hours they delayed the flight.

  10. i will admit, my first thought that Tara had dressed up as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas because she was holding that fake skeleton cat like she did in the movie.

    And also because I never saw that Twilight episode with the doll

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