The Worst Lyrics I’ve Ever Heard This Month (July 2016) – Rap Critic

I’d love to shorten this title to WLIEH…TM (July 2016), but I get the feeling it’d just look awkward.

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  1. July was apparently a penis-centric kind of month, huh? O.O

  2. Why is your tongue red?

  3. You’re gonna have to remove the ellipsis if you wanna shorten it to “WLIEHTM,” because at first glance, it kinda just looks like a half-assed attempt to trademark your show’s initialism.

  4. I was expecting the last lyric to be another penis length joke. What we got instead was, well, wow.

  5. on top of everything else, anyone notice the full phone number and and un-blurred logo in the background of the last video, making it advertisement – someone either paid to be in there or at least o.k.ed it – let that sink in

  6. Steve the Pocket

    You know, when I was younger I tried writing a joke song about literally looking for love in all the wrong places, and it went vaguely like LL Cool J’s attempt here. The difference is, though, that was supposed to be a joke song. Also it was a dumb idea either way.

    And speaking of comparisons… wow, and here I thought Barenaked Ladies singing about a girl reenacting sex with her Barbies at age three was skeevy.

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