The Worst Movies of 2017 – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann talks about his picks for worst movies of 2017.

Apologies for the editing error. I accidentally put two 6s in a row. The second 6 is the number 5 choice.

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  1. Believe it or not, I heard rumours that the Emoji Movie is nominated for an oscar for best animated picture T_T ……… God I hope not.

    Also heard that A Silent Voice was nominated too. I hope that wins (over the Emoji Movie)

  2. I only have two worst movies that I saw in 2017. The first was Boss Baby. The animation is pretty and I got a few laughs but there were A LOT of eye-roll-inducing moments and more nudity than I expected. The second was actually The Last Jedi just because of how much I was disappointed. It is legitimately a good movie but I really expected to put it on my best and it didn’t reach even the level of The Force Awakens. I didn’t mind Geostorm that much. It wasn’t good but I don’t think it was that bad. The action was good and the mystery of who sabotaged the ship did grip me. I am glad to say that I had the privilege of missing all the other movies on your list. ^.^

    • Im almost sure that Last Jedi will be nominated in many categories. Because “being disappointed” isn’t argument regard quality and still minor opinion.

      • Dude, calm down.

        What part of “It is legitimately a good movie” didn’t you understand?

        Happymel isn’t being a whiny fanboy, he still said it was a good movie, but not as good as Force Awakens.

        I know this website has its share of whiners recently, but that does not mean you getting into everyone’s faces whenever they express what they didn’t like in the movie.

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