The Yomarz Show: Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

Yomarz dons the hat and whip and takes a crack at Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings on Nintendo Wii. Do poor motion controls bring it down in the dirt? (Yes. Yes they do.)

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  1. No time for love, Dr. Yomarz!

  2. I worked as a tester on the DS and PSP versions of the game, and a tiny bit on the PS2 and Wii versions, for over a year. The PSP version was definitely the best of the bunch, though it was never great by any means. Everyone at LucasArts was really disappointed when the PS3 version was canceled. I’d been looking forward to working on it 🙁

    • Man, I’d love to hear some testing stories.

      What’s the most broken game you ever tested? How so?

      What was the worst console, from the perspective of a tester? Why?

      Fill me in!

      Some highly experienced game tester should write a book.

      • The most broken game was probably this one, but only because I worked on it just a little bit when it was in very early alpha. I mostly just worked on different versions of this game for a year and a half, plus a few Clone Wars games and a tiny bit on Force Unleashed.

        Wii was definitely the worst console just because of the motion controls. Especially for games in alpha or pre-beta, motion controls tended to be unreliable at best, and they were more tiring to play (but not in a good, exercise kind of way). Mostly it was a lot of quick wrist movements while holding your arm up. A prime example was a Clone Wars fighting game on the Wii that required very precise movements to perform the combos. We had to test all the combos for every character and finish everyone’s story mode on every difficulty, which was pretty tough (the game itself was okay, nothing great). We were super excited about the new (at the time) Motion Plus attachment because we wanted to play a 1:1 lightsaber duel game as much as anyone else, but the game wasn’t compatible with it 🙁

  3. It appears that based on the abilities of the staff, such as parting a body of water and turning into a snake, it must be the Moses’ staff. It would have been nice if they had made the clearer in the game, however.

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    This game must be that good if it has a good indiana jones game on it (and it was $1.99 dang bro you saved a ton on buying this piece of crap). Good review too hope you didnt shoot your wii all because of this cruddy game(it has indiana jones and the sea of atlantis on it and you woudnt he able to play it if you shot the wii).

    But loved that you used the gamestop slogan*power to the players* and more power to you because you bought this cruddy game (your welcome!)

  5. Okay, Im not saying te story makes sense, but everyone is aware that the staff is the staff of Moses, right? Im only asking because Yomarz didn’t bring it up.

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