The Yomarz Show: Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days

No, there’s nothing wrong with your video. The game actually looks that shitty.

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  1. This game belongs to the dogs. Also, to quote Angry Joe’s review:


  2. Man, brings back memories of Angry Joe’s review. FOOOOOUUUUURRRR HOOOOOOOOOUUUUURRRRRSSSSSS!!!!!

    Your anger side almost sounds like Egoraptor’s tirades.

  3. It says a lot when the best game Kane & Lynch were in was a Lara Croft game

  4. Oh goody, a potshot at the ME3 ending… y’know, without the extended cut, it is a little disappointing and leaves a lot unresolved, but I don’t really think it deserves to be a punchline like that.

    Yeah, it sucks that Shepard dies at the end, but the game had been building up to that from level 1 so it’s hardly a surprise.

    • No. Nobody is upset that Shepard died. We are upset because a series that spent so much time and effort on lore and world development essentially threw up its hands and said “fuck it, the galaxy is saved by rainbow magic” with no indication that it’s even possible in that world. Heroic sacrifices are awesome, shattering suspension of disbelief is not.

  5. You know It might be a cool idea to actually have a game where you play as a camera man trying to film a documentary… It’s funny that that’s all I can think of when hearing about a terrible game like this, but I kind of like the idea.

    Your basically a dude hard on your luck that need to get some amazing footage in order to actually make some money so you won’t starve. Because of this you have to go into different areas following around someone trying to get good footage but constantly risking your own life in the process.

    The game could cover so many different genres as your this poor fucker that has to film all these crazy scenarios while trying to get the best shots otherwise it would have all been a waste.

    It would probably be more entertaining then this game at least.

  6. 4 HOUURRRSSSS….!!!?

  7. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    what about the first game….is it good to you commentors

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