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Imprisoning me
All that I see
Absolute horror

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  1. Yomarz RETURNS!

  2. “Pumps machine gun” – that just made my frickin’ day, hilarious!

  3. Many of your criticisms are valid though my view differs in that I see it as one of the best 3D sonic games.

    Why? Well while the controls are still kinda bleh they are a massive improvement in the franchise. Sonic adventure 2, the controls and camera were terrible, the homing attack would rarely home in on the target you direct it at and more often than not fling you into a pit.

    Sonic Heroes is the worst in the franchise after Sonic 06, the controls and camera were fucking awful in this as well, all the control problems of sonic adventure but with 3 different types of botched gameplay each with its own flaws. The hitboxes were awful as well I lost so many lives on the obligatory rail canyon level because the rail hitbox was a bit to the left of where the rails appeared.

    Shadow in comparison is a Godsend. The homing attacks stick, the Camera is massively improved (usually) and shadow goes where you tell him to go. The controls still arent as good as other games of its time, but compared to the previous games in the franchise…. yeah, way better.

    Voice acting was also improved as less awkward, if only a bit. You put him saying damn in is a negative… but as an non-American I dont see it as much of a swear. Anyways, in terms of story I have to agree. While Im fine with there being a select number of cutscenes seeing how it is a kids game, adding in branching paths was a brave move with a huge amount of potential, including multiple endings.

    Indeed the problem is though yeah repeating the levels even in different ways starts to become monotonous so while the first few runs will be fun it soon becomes a chore. Especially when some level designs have you going in circles forever (Im looking at you internet level!) and can takes ages to complete so they become fustrating.

    And the final ending… again potential wasted. They could have knitted every end together maybe saying all the shadows were clones and different ways he could have been but all are betrayed by Black Doom and THEN despite their different ideals they must work together to save the world. Not a cop-out “oh only the good ending mattered” conclusion.

    Sorry, rant over, Im done.

  4. God I remember when I was in such denial that this game was good. Those were the waning years of my Sega fanboyism.

    I tried playing this game again in recent years and Jesus I could not control my character worth a damn with the slippery controls and the dark emo story junk was just… just awful…

  5. I like Shadow as a character, but those type of character always work better as so called second Rider.. well too obscure reference maybe? Point is that when we have classic hero and he has as support more “edgy” anti-hero it is pretty cool combination. Hero restrain more chaotic friend from going too far, when someone more bad-ass cower his friend ass form some manipulations and serve both as cover agent or artillery when needed.

    It definitely shouldn’t be like in Sonic 06 where hero plot is downright garbage, and only good part of game (Shadow story was in fact decent) come when no one care anymore. I still don’t know what problem creators have in giving Sonic decent hero plot?

    But here we have clear case where publisher don’t care and don’t know how make use of character, but in this same time expect exactly this same profits as in old times. This happened to Sonic, Megaman, and from some time even Konami.

  6. Victoria Heckman

    I played through this game once, and I got the Shadow Android ending. After that I pretty much gave up on it. The controls were too much of a pain and the disjointed cut-scenes were too frustrating in terms of continuity.
    I was only a mild fan of the Sonic games. Truth be told, I could never get the hang of the emphasis on speed over tact.
    Frankly, I feel kind of bad for how they botched up the whole Shadow thing. Sonic having a doppelgänger sounded pretty nifty at first, and adding a bit of a darker element to the Sonic universe could have been done well. But, like you said, this game tried WAAAAY to hard for that. (It always reminded me of Wolverine’s broody existence in the X-Men franchise.) The trick is to find balance between light-hearted fun with the darker moments.

  7. TooMuchFreeTime

    I got this game when Gamestop was getting rid of their ps2 stock so I got like 22 games for $20. I stopped playing about 2 minutes into the actual gameplay because as you said, THE CONTROLS ARE AWFUL! I felt like I was on an air hockey table!

  8. I loved this game. There I said it.

  9. Shadow the Hedgehog…
    I remember being SO hyped when this game released. I just wanted to know about Shadows backstory.
    I played one playthrough and I liked it. Then I did another 10 playthroughs (yes, I fucked up once…) and… well… I didn’t like anymore. xD
    But I still wanted to know what happened after all 10 playthroughs. That last Story and that last ending disappointed me soooo much. I think it was the first time, I really considered a game that I owned “bad”. (*sigh* good old times)

    yet I still think this game had a lot of potential.
    While I always liked Sonic more than Shadow, I knew that he was popular. A Shadow Game HAD to be somewhat different. Yes, the controles are bad, but they were kind of okay~ish for the time, especially considering the 3D-Sonic-Standards back then.
    What I can’t excuse though is that pile of crap they call a “story”. More than anything else, I wanted to know about Shadows backstory. For me, that was the selling point of this game.
    But what happend? They appearently didn’t give a shit.
    Playing though it 10 times for a “last story” that ignores EVERYTHING that happend in the game and that literaly just explained in one sentence who or why Shadow is…. was SO disappointing.

    The game would’ve been better if they just removed that “choice”-thingy from the last 5 levels. Hell, maybe they could’ve connected five different endings something more consistent.

    Looking at the length of this comment, I think, Shadow the Hedgehog left a scar or two on me.
    Great Review by the way, Yomarz! =)

  10. I played the gamecube version of this game, which I think has SLIGHTLY better camera controls at least. The thing about this game that was most disappointing to me personally is that it didn’t really fix the problems of its predecessor Sonic Heroes. The gameplay engine of Heroes is actually pretty good for the most part, the homing attack almost never misses and the steering controls pretty tight for the most part, the flaws of that game mostly turned up when you played the Chaotix storyline, which mostly focused around having to find an objective or stealth your way through a level. The problem is that the engine totally did not support those modes of play, in the find the objective missions you were not provided with any kind of map, radar, or tip system (which was present in both Sonic Adventure AND Sonic Adventure 2, so it’s a pretty glaring omission) and in the stealth levels you couldn’t get a good score because destroying enemies and getting through the level fast is how you get points, both of which are pretty incompatible with Stealth… I was thinking that those objective levels would either be discarded or the engine would be modified to make them work better (like if they did a “find the objective” level they would structure it like Knuckles’ stages from the Sonic Adventure games) but NOPE. The game pretty much has the EXACT same flaws as Heroes and kind of makes them worse because now you HAVE to do all the stupid missions in every stage multiple times in order to win, at least in Heroes you only had to do the Chaotix story once then you could ignore it and just play the other 3 teams (which is kind of like easy, normal, and hard mode) where the game actually works.

  11. Ah, yes. This game. I bought it for the Xbox and played it on my 360. Shadow was and still is my favourite Sonic character, so I wanted to get a game based on him. While I’m not a huge Sonic fan by any stretch, I do like the series. I just never got very many of the games.

    I liked this game at first, though even then I did find the controls a bit difficult sometimes and needing to change the camera angle was a bit annoying. After a while though, I began noticing the tedium with the game. I also found a few other things annoying as well. Mainly that the GUN soldiers and aliens would always shoot at you, like you said, even if you decided to do a mission for their team. And since they were shooting at me I’d attack them, which caused either Black Doom or the Sonic Team member to berate me, depending on who I attacked. The game also froze on me a few times. That was a piss-off. Some of the missions I found impossible as well. I too get horrible flashbacks of Westopolis.

    I also noticed that out of all the endings, the only one that Shadow kills is Eggman. He doesn’t take out Doom or Sonic or the GUN Commander. He just simply laughs evilly or something. That I found rather odd. I wound up going the middle routs first. There was one time when I went in such a way that the final boss was Eggman, but I never ran into him until up to that point.

    I completed all the endings and got to the final one, but never beat it because I kept running out of rings and dying. I eventually gave up on it. The boss was hard and Sonic and co. never shut the fuck up about the importance of gathering rings.

    I also noticed the overuse of “damn”. I guess the developers thought Shadow saying that word made him edgy, which has sort of become a meme as of late. I guess it’s because they couldn’t have him say “fuck shit piss cunt”. While I have no problem with the word “damn”, it’s pretty obvious that it was just so the developers could go “Whoooo, look how edgy this character is. He’s saying the d-word!”

    Actually, the game probably would have gotten a T or higher, but the game was edited down by changing the alien blood to green, not having the GUN soldiers actually die, and of course, cutting out the scene were we see Maria get shot. The E10+ was intentional by the distributors.

    Well, that’s me prattling on longer than I should. You can tell I had a bit to say about this game. Thanks for giving me a place to let it out.

  12. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Its ok yomarz i wont even try this game. But i bet they could have bumped up the t rating if shadow called qny of the girls in the game a b word. But im suprised theres no count jackula comment he usuakky comments but maybe next time he will.

  13. This video is awesome lol I remember really wanting this game to be good…so disappointed!

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