The Yomarz Show – Shadow the Hedgehog

Imprisoning me
All that I see
Absolute horror

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Baby Hitler

“Pumps machine gun” – that just made my frickin’ day, hilarious!

Many of your criticisms are valid though my view differs in that I see it as one of the best 3D sonic games. Why? Well while the controls are still kinda bleh they are a massive improvement in the franchise. Sonic adventure 2, the controls and camera were terrible, the homing attack would rarely home in on the target you direct it at and more often than not fling you into a pit. Sonic Heroes is the worst in the franchise after Sonic 06, the controls and camera were fucking awful in this as well, all the control problems of… Read more »

The damn problem is that even if it was twice as good as most damn 3D Sonic games it would still be pretty damn bad.

The Micronerd

God I remember when I was in such denial that this game was good. Those were the waning years of my Sega fanboyism.

I tried playing this game again in recent years and Jesus I could not control my character worth a damn with the slippery controls and the dark emo story junk was just… just awful…

I like Shadow as a character, but those type of character always work better as so called second Rider.. well too obscure reference maybe? Point is that when we have classic hero and he has as support more “edgy” anti-hero it is pretty cool combination. Hero restrain more chaotic friend from going too far, when someone more bad-ass cower his friend ass form some manipulations and serve both as cover agent or artillery when needed. It definitely shouldn’t be like in Sonic 06 where hero plot is downright garbage, and only good part of game (Shadow story was in fact… Read more »
Victoria Heckman
I played through this game once, and I got the Shadow Android ending. After that I pretty much gave up on it. The controls were too much of a pain and the disjointed cut-scenes were too frustrating in terms of continuity. I was only a mild fan of the Sonic games. Truth be told, I could never get the hang of the emphasis on speed over tact. Frankly, I feel kind of bad for how they botched up the whole Shadow thing. Sonic having a doppelgänger sounded pretty nifty at first, and adding a bit of a darker element to… Read more »

I got this game when Gamestop was getting rid of their ps2 stock so I got like 22 games for $20. I stopped playing about 2 minutes into the actual gameplay because as you said, THE CONTROLS ARE AWFUL! I felt like I was on an air hockey table!

Metal Sonic

I loved this game. There I said it.

Shadow the Hedgehog… I remember being SO hyped when this game released. I just wanted to know about Shadows backstory. I played one playthrough and I liked it. Then I did another 10 playthroughs (yes, I fucked up once…) and… well… I didn’t like anymore. xD But I still wanted to know what happened after all 10 playthroughs. That last Story and that last ending disappointed me soooo much. I think it was the first time, I really considered a game that I owned “bad”. (*sigh* good old times) yet I still think this game had a lot of potential.… Read more »
I played the gamecube version of this game, which I think has SLIGHTLY better camera controls at least. The thing about this game that was most disappointing to me personally is that it didn’t really fix the problems of its predecessor Sonic Heroes. The gameplay engine of Heroes is actually pretty good for the most part, the homing attack almost never misses and the steering controls pretty tight for the most part, the flaws of that game mostly turned up when you played the Chaotix storyline, which mostly focused around having to find an objective or stealth your way through… Read more »
Ah, yes. This game. I bought it for the Xbox and played it on my 360. Shadow was and still is my favourite Sonic character, so I wanted to get a game based on him. While I’m not a huge Sonic fan by any stretch, I do like the series. I just never got very many of the games. I liked this game at first, though even then I did find the controls a bit difficult sometimes and needing to change the camera angle was a bit annoying. After a while though, I began noticing the tedium with the game.… Read more »

Its ok yomarz i wont even try this game. But i bet they could have bumped up the t rating if shadow called qny of the girls in the game a b word. But im suprised theres no count jackula comment he usuakky comments but maybe next time he will.


This video is awesome lol I remember really wanting this game to be good…so disappointed!