The Yomarz Show: The Burger King Trilogy

Fast food? More like FAST FRAUD!!!

Channel Awesome Video Game Giveaway!
Just subscribe for a chance to win either Far Cry 4 or… the BK games.
If you’re already subscribed then don’t sweat it ’cause you’re already eligible to win!

Also I’ll be at MAGfest Jan 23-25! If you see me there make sure to say hi! 🙂

The music used during the announcement section is “The Getaway” by Daniel Deluxe. Check out his soundcloud here

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Hi I'm Yomarz! I really like video games! I also really like making videos about video games! So I decided to make a video channel to host my videos about video games. I make reviews and other gaming-related videos so if you're into that then check me out! The videos, I mean. Not me. Well... me if you want.


  1. I still have all of these games. They were actually among the very first games I got for the 360.

    Sneak King is awesome!

  2. Oh man, these games. These fucking games.

    I bought them out of curiosity when they came out and my friends and I only played them for about an hour and realized we couldn’t eat these games and shit them out because that’s what they are: Shit.

    Hilarious review and I’m glad Doug and CA are pushing you and the new talent out there. You’re filling in the gap JonTron left after he got all big and abandoned CA.

  3. I’ve actually played one of these games. the mini bike one. by brother got it for free at gamestop a few years back. that tells you the quality right there. sure, just take it, we don’t care. I couldn’t get past the burger king parking lot stage. pretty sure I just threw it away after that.

  4. For the record, Sneak King wasn’t that bad of a video game and that is because of how challenging it was. Also whether you are dining in or eating out of a garbage, BK food all tastes the same in the end.

  5. That was actually funny. Defiantly subscribing to that channel. I knew about the games after someone I knew had Pocketbike Racer for XBOX but thankfully I didn’t get them and instead got Dead Rising.

  6. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Loved the video yomarz.I hope i can go to magfest and meet you but i might go or i might not go i’m not sure yet.Why would you give away the burger king games if there really bad?Probably because you wanna get rid of them real bad because there that bad of the game.I don’t remember them giving away the games specifically but i’m glad i didn’t.I hope you pick my name for the subscription thing and enjoy your weekend at magfest.

  7. Hello Dug’s Plug sparked interest and i’m not disapointed good vid cant wait to see more.

    TO THE ARCHIVES. que batman music

  8. Looks like if the AI was better Big Bumpin would be kinda ok.

    I never minded the King but YIKES dat mask!

  9. I’m not too proud to admit it. I got into Pocket Bike Racers too.

    Never got past the sawmill in Sneak King, people kept dying while I was waiting for them to walk past my hiding spot.

  10. So a junk food chain releases the videogame equivalent of junk food? You don’t say…

  11. as much as this king games are fucking bad, they are not even on the same level of shitness as all David Cage games

  12. Okay, why is this still at the top of the videos? It’s been up here for two days.

  13. Goddammit, I’m hungry now

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