There Can Be Only One – WTFIWWY Live

This week: “Master of Disguise” meet “Law & Order,” one good turn leads to a toilet, and one man’s quest to destroy the internet itself..

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Welcome to Radio Dead Air! It's "Wayne's World" meets the 21st Century as Nash, Tara, Stick Boy, Space Guy, Arlo P. Arlo and more delve into the deep...


  1. Tara, sweetie, I LOVE you, but no. Just no. You don’t get to call ‘OF COURSE I get that reference!’ on anything. You are awesome, you are pure magic, but, there is no ‘of course’ with you and assuming you have seen a certain cult classic movie.

  2. If American Beauty ended that way, it would have been the only movie in recent memory where the audience stood and applauded. I know I would have ;P


  4. slightly related to the first story look up filk song i’ll see your six and rasie you thirty

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