This is for Brodie – WTFIWWY Live

This week: why you never let the internet vote for anything important, a “Say Anything” re-enactment with too much “boom” and not enough “box,” and not the supervillain we need, but the one we deserve…

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  1. Oh silly, silly Internet….

  2. Here’s something you can try. Go up to a kid that’s heavy into Pokemon and ask them, “What’s the name of that yellow rat that has lightning power?” And when they say, “Pikachu,” you say, “Gesundheit!”

  3. “I became the hero this city needed, before it was cool.”

  4. No, -I’M- pokemon!

  5. OK…Who invited the Rabbit of Caerbannog to play the Easter Bunny?

  6. In all my time looking at porn on the Internet, I’ve never actually Googled “titties.” So I tried it. Apparently the word doesn’t turn of Safe Search, so I had to scroll forever to find any real naked non-man- boobs. I quick counted 85 rows before I found any.

  7. Pokemon Explained: pokemon first started as Gameboy game in japan during 98. it then gained popularity and spread out itnto comic books, TV anime and the tcg you are famialir with. there are still games being pulished to this day

  8. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Uh, I personally don’t blame Tara for knowing Pokemon since she’s probably too old to get it and name all the 750 pokemon(is that the number,I believe that’s the number,and I’m sure of it). Anyways,I know the Easter bunnies not real but i have three cousins who believe he’s real si I have To post this quick!!!!!

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Sorry for the sudden stop didn’t want my cousins to see that so had to post it quick(at least that last part at least).

      Wow I’ve never thought that I’d see a black guy on a bunny suit(just I don’t think that be a job for that type of person but explains why he had a fight with that guy almost dropped his kid). Honestly though it was an accident there’s no reason for a parent to get so mad and for that man to start a fight and Beatdown the poor Dam guy!!!!!

      The only guns I would think a women would be interested in would be the guys muscles not the guy shooting it. Nonetheless the guys dumb for trying to think that’d impress a girl.

      I heard about that Boaty McBoatFace story on the Phillip DeFranco Show earlier this week and I think Endeavor would have been an interesting name but it’s the internet so I expected that to happen. So despicable indeed.

      God that dude should’ve filled up his gas tank or looked for a car with a full tank and stole it but people would have probably caught on that he was gonna steal a person car once they noticed him looking at it.
      Although I agree that it probably would be cool to say that you hitched a ride with the police. If I said that I’d hitched a ride with a cop I’d be popular(at least i think so probably not though) :'(

  9. “England isn’t a democracy like ours.”

    Yeah, some of our votes actually influence the outcome.

  10. “Falcon” presumably was a reference to Robert FALCON Scott, British Antarctic Explorer (though he died on is polar exploration, so perhaps not the best choice) Better than the Titanic or the Nostromo, I guess.

  11. @17:31 why not just torrent and port it or run on an emulator?

  12. @25:07 Well this has all sorts of Freudian implications…

  13. @28:00 personally if I were to go full pants on head with getting a potential romantic interests attention I’d go with fireworks and a full brass band.

  14. We’ve learned that it might be hard for Nash and Tara to notice the difference between photoshopped duct tape and real duct tape.
    (My friend and I are of the opinion the tape is photoshopped on there. Is it your [or our] resolution? Please could someone double check? We are concerned and would like an answer.)

  15. Oh dear Bob I live in the same neighborhood as that Ninja Hipster Mastubator… At least I live on the 8th floor of an apartment complex.

    Also Seattle already has a hero thank you, it’s certainly not that asshole.

  16. ”Is Pokemon a game ??” – Tara, 2016.

    Yes. Yes, this just like Nash said. :3

  17. Ohhh, not just the internet. I remember back in the age of the dinosaurs when I was in middle school, a new middle school was being built that would be open the next year, so the students that would be moving to that new school got to pick the mascot.

    The school’s initials were sadly going to be PMS. We asshole children voted our mascot to be the Trojans.

    Needless to say the school board nixed that idea and we became the Panthers instead. Amusingly enough, though, our school colors were still red and black. They didn’t seem to notice the problem with that. Thankfully someone had the intelligence to choose black gym shorts for PE and not red.

  18. Actually, Tara does have a point: “Boatie McBoatFace” is probably a better option, and it does sound like the cute name for a boat. Sounds like the Spin-off series to Theodore Tugboat.

  19. They named a race horse Horsey McHorseface in honor of that boat.

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