This is Hookerween 2017

The best of the worst of the sexy side of Halloween! It’s time for the annual countdown …

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  1. 1. I would just like to point out, in the book, the line is, “Little Cindy Lou Who who is no more than two.”
    2. Well…I mean…at least it wasn’t the children characters, or the staff from the Chinese Restaurant scene?
    3. In recent years, Santa has become a “Daddy” to people. So, while there’s so much “nope” here, I can’t say this blindsided me.
    4. … That woman does not look happy to be modeling that. But yeah… I’m glad this craze is finally starting to die out.
    5. I don’t watch Mr. Robot. I feel like if the price tag was bigger, I’d be more mad.
    6. I hope that model is cringing on the inside.
    7. If it was the Tim Curry one, I feel like that would make marginally more sense. I mean…who didn’t want to fuck Tim Curry in his prime?
    8. I’ve been watching a lot of “The Nanny” lately, so I keep expecting one of Niles’ jokes about Cece
    9. I haven’t seen “Stranger Things” yet, but doesn’t Eleven kill people telepathically? We should sic her on the people who approved this.
    10. Okay seriously. What the hell!? No! No! No! No!

    • To 1) To be honest, whit what people normally wear i cant see how Nash classified that one as “Sexy”. (Its a relatively common skirt length to wear around here.)

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