This Is What You Came For vs Cheap Thrills – Pop Song Review

I don’t need dollar bills to have lightning strike every she moves!

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  1. I have had “This is what you came for” stuck in my head since watching this.

  2. I hear those Cambodian mobsters can be real ballbusters when you cross them. Stay safe, Todd.

  3. I haven’t loved Rihanna since her Umbrella days. Although, her red hair days were okay. I can’t stand current Rihanna though. I like Calvin Harris music though more often than not. So with those thoughts in mind, I think I might like This Is What You Came For. Although, there is a 95% chance that I’ll like Cheap Thrills. One last thing: Yeah, for me, I haven’t gotten a top 10 best songs yet. Oh, 2016. D:

  4. I’m glad someone on this site knows when running jokes stop being funny.

  5. lacking_psilosynine

    comparing a dialect spoken by barbadian people to a deaf accent. wow, that is…an unprecedented clusterfuck of bigotry, even for this site. who wrote that joke, donald trump?

  6. Todd, I’ve mentioned this before, but you really need to balance your voice-over levels with the music levels. Seriously, I have to watch your videos with my hand on the volume control, or I end up being knocked 20ft back when the voice cuts out.

  7. Please review MILF $ by Fergie

  8. Cheap Thrills has my vote with This is what you came for is cool. You make both sound nice with the piano
    Yeah it’s weird I grew up listening to her songs; ‘Only Girl in the world’, ‘Murderer’, ‘Rude Boy’, ‘Love in a hopeless place’ and ‘Shine Bright like a Diamonds’ are great nostalgic hits and I love listening to them, though she does have so problems

    I’m sorry, can we hear more about you and the mob? No? Okay….

    Taylor Swift has beef with Keivn Jonas too (I remember him!! My love for the Jonas Brothers is eternal!! I await for the day they return and purge the world of 5 Second of Summer!!!! Sorry…)

    You need to rename Sia songs more often 🙂 Also, no Paw cameo? 🙁

    Wow, you go mad a lot during this video; Taylor Swift, hooks, the song’s accusations, Sia’s face. And they’re all hilarious; keep up the good work (and sorry about the rest of the year; that Megan Trainor song looks awful!!)

  9. Rihanna sure did “Work”, ha ha ha =P Also, I take that Sia is basically Lady Gaga if she were about… 72.35680% more pretentious at most? At least the girl doesn’t look indecent in Cheap Thrills; she looked practically nude in Chandelier, and that’s creepy.

  10. Loki The Flame Shield

    I actually like Calvin Harris in small doses. I can’t stand the pretentiousness that is Sia.

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