Thor: The Dark World – Disneycember

We finally see Thor kicking some ass, so how come it doesn’t seem awesome? Doug checks our Thor the Dark World.

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  1. I liked Kat Dennings. However, I didn’t like this movie as a whole. I just wanted the movie to be: Natalie Portman gets the stone or ether in her, Thor teams up with Loki, they fight and talk on the Dark World for about an hour, and that’s the end. But no, half of this movie is a romance novel! What the heck!? LOL.

  2. Christopher Ecclestone was vastly underused in this movie.

  3. What a load of pointless whining. This movie was pretty good IMO and was a great follow up to the first one.

  4. was this really that bad? I still haven’t seen it but I hoped it was awesome

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