Thou Shalt Always Buckle Up – WTFIWWY Live

This week: Are there child slaves on Mars? (Hint: No) Also: making a wish on a jet engine and just who we can expect to see in the ER the day after July 4th…

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  1. Thank you Nash, glad I’m not the only one who disapproves of people setting off fireworks BEFORE the 4th of July.
    Oh my fucking god, every night leading up to the 4th, people around where I live were shooting off fireworks. So fucking irritating.

    Also, depending where you live, if you’re in drought conditions, shooting off fireworks is actually dangerous because it could set off wildfires.

    Also, good for you, Dan. go beat up those shitty rude teenagers

    • They set them off before the fourth so cops and emergency service people can celebrate before having to be on duty taking care of the people on the graph.

  2. Celebrating unhinged violence is hilarious. Let’s celebrate the jerk who vandalized property which didn’t belong to him.

  3. We set off fireworks in Puerto Rico on New Year’s

  4. I get to set off explosives twice in the same month because of Pioneer day in Utah

  5. Ever since I was a young child, my mother pounded into me the fear of using fireworks and how dangerous they are. Seeing stories like that one convinces me “yup… she was right on.”

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