Thoughts on The Killing Joke Trailer – Lucky Six

Paul sits down to give his thoughts on the first “Batman: The Killing Joke” trailer.

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6 Comments on "Thoughts on The Killing Joke Trailer – Lucky Six"

Hrm, I think Paul is on to something, the animation looks like…..maybe it got kicked in the grundle in a few scenes or something. Doesn’t look like that for the whole movie, of course, but man I hope that out of all the DC animated features, this would be the one story they’d want to throw all the money at, or at the VERY LEAST, make sure the animation stays consistent all the way through. I mean all the DC animated films are STV, but even they looked consistently good all the way through, and never wavered on the tone.… Read more »

I really hope most of budget wasn’t spent trying to bring Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy back. The animation was really good for Red Hood and TDKR and those had high profile actors like John DiMaggio and Peter Weller.


Interesting points, Paul. I also had the Watchmen motion comic and loved it. I’m really excited for this because I love The Killing Joke and can’t wait to see Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy reprise their voices.

But yeah, the animation does look a bit jankier than I expected, but I’m still going to check this out for Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy alone.

i havent any fully like an animated Dc film that has come after under the Red Hood the adaptation they have made of comics soo far are dumb down and are not trying to adapt the material right but just to sell and pandering to what the fandom an nothing is to me more clear about this ..that this film ..they are taking the killing joke and turning it into an action film now you dont mind the the style .. but i do .part of what makes the killing joke so memorable is brian bolland way of drawing expressions… Read more »

” havent fully like any animated ” sorry about that

If the animation is like that for the whole movie then I’ll get used to it as the movie goes on. Then again, shaky cam and CGI don’t bother me either. I’m really boring like that. This teaser or whatever doesn’t excite me. I was actually disappointed, but I’m not concerned. The R-rating is cool, especially for a cartoon, though this R-rated phenomenon I don’t really care for because of Die Hard 4. I really liked that, and the unrated cut of it didn’t amount to anything different. I was disappointed about how I ended up feeling, but decided that… Read more »