Thousand Pound Bra – WTFIWWY Live

This week: how to lose your girlfriend with one fake hijacking, how to lose your job with one simple toilet, and how (not) to beat a breathalyzer with this one weird trick! Doctors hate him!

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  1. The man started eating grass. Have you ever seen that movie THE CLONES OF BRUCE LEE?

  2. Re. The alco-bra. Yes, presumably the lady wearing it will have boobs that are (apparently) getting smaller. But assuming the guy she’s with is drinking too, the “beer goggles” effect will be working in the other direction. Somebody should commission a scientific study to measure the optimal level where judgement impairment = boob shrinkage!

  3. The Mysterious M

    My god! Speaking of “Year of bad PR,” can you imagine what would happen if Bud heard that story?
    “Bud Ice! Trust us, it’s worth it!”

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