Thumb Wars #74: SOE & Sony’s Future

In the wake of Sony selling SOE, Shaun & Petros speculate on where the company goes from here.

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  1. Sony Online Entertainment would have not make any money for Sony. mmo only work on PC at best never work great on console.

    Also mmo have not been make as much money then in past and get to cost more money to make a mmo. Sony might have see a big crash on mmo was come and decide to cut the lost before the crash.

  2. Sony must do three things.

    1) Give developers more time to finish their games. The less unfinished and broken games your consoles have, the better. Not WORSE, ****ing BETTER.
    2) Stop killing the Vita. All it needs is more 3rd party support and less tight schedules (step 1 again).
    3) Release all the good PS1 and PS2 game on PSN. And all Greatest Hits. ALL OF THEM. I am NOT paying for unfinished and buggy games, and GH releases are frequently the fixed versions (cough Spyro 3). No more ****ing HD remakes, just release the original games. And make sure they are playable, with good backward compatibility.

  3. Feb 2014: Sony sells off Vaio.
    April 2014: Sony sells off Square Enix stock.
    Feb 2015: Sonny sells odd SoE.

    I didn’t know WHAT Sony was going to sell off next, but I was still expecting it.

  4. Sony should also figure out a way of letting people change their PSN usernames. Minor thing, but just an additional thought to all the other points made in the comments above mine, which I do agree with btw.

  5. Dark Magician Boy

    I don’t really know or care about Sony as a whole, but I really hope SoE is going to do fine without them : EQN looks like the next big thing to me, innovative on both a conceptual and a technical level. It would be a shame if the SoE guys got their creativity restricted for the sake of safer economic bets, like developping CoD and DayZ clones.

    Sure nothing is going to replace WoW on the market anytime soon, but it’s the very first time I feel like somebody is really trying something different with the MMO genre.

    So good luck Daybreak GC, I guess.

  6. This is why we need Blistered Thumbs to be its own site. Blistered Thumbs used to be a great place for articles, editorials, reviews, and the like, but now it’s all about videos.

    It figures; TGWTG always was mainly about entertainment videos.

    But Blistered Thumbs had actually become something more than that. And now that it has been subsumed back under TGWTG (and now Channel Awesome), it just isn’t the same. Something is definitely missing here.

    I see Shaun still hasn’t learned that he needs to compress his videos so that those of us who don’t have the latest and fastest internet connections can actually watch them.

  7. Considering what happened to Sony I’m not surprised that they’re having trouble! But it looks like Spiderman’s returning to the Marvel universe, and is going to get a reboot for the third time in a row! Honestly, I hope they do the Incredible Hulk route and just forget the first movie ever happened assumed everyone knows the origin story, give a rough back story of the origin story, and make a movie event what would be essentially 2.

    That said I am so sad actually because I was looking for my jokes the PlayStation five is out, now I have a brand-new material! Again if Microsoft buys out Sony, the PlayStation 5 still will come to existence because let’s accept fax Xbox is dead, it’s been terribly surviving like rotting zombie in China, it’s almost surviving off of its revenue in the US(after three console revivals, where they had to remove stuff, make it cheaper and go back to the Council board three times!) And I have no clue what it’s like in the Japanese market but I’m pretty sure it’s bad. Let’s face it the only gaming console right now that’s actually doing well thanks to even with their debacle of not understanding how the amigo system works, is Nintendo! Our right now I don’t think Nintendo is going to be able to pull off the surprised buyout anytime soon but, if Sega manages to keep their profit margins going right! Who knows we might see that the PlayStation five might be the new Dreamcast! The videogame market is confusing and insane! There are too many things that are up in the air for what’s going to happen next!

  8. I’m sorry, but I strongly disagree that this news is bad for Playstation. If anything, it’s a sign that it’s here to stay. Sure, SOE was part of Sony’s gaming division, but from what I hear, it was by far the least profitable part of it, and was constantly in the red. I’m not saying I agree with them selling off the IPs with the studio, but I’m also not the head of a big corporation. Now Sony’s gaming division is just Playstation and they aren’t going to sell it, so Playstation will be around until Sony themselves close their doors, which is also the only scenario where they would sell themselves to MS.

    Speaking of MS, what gamer would want a future where they rule the console market with little competition? Certainly not I. Keep in mind, the only reason the XB1 is a remotely decent system is because Sony was around to knock them down a few pegs, and I just don’t think Ninty can provide that kind of competition, so even xbox fans shouldn’t want such a future. DRM and other such nonsense is what MS does when they think they’re king of the roost. Imagine what they would do if they actually were.

    If anything, the future of Xbox is more precarious, because if MS deems it too unprofitable, they can and probably will axe it or sell it off to the highest bidder. I can easily see them abandoning the console market and focusing on their pc gaming division. It’s not simply a matter of whether they can afford a few unprofitable gens. It’s a matter of whether they would want that, and I’m certain Xbox is only around for as long as it does reasonably well. Playstation, on the other hand, isn’t going anywhere. I think going forward, if Sony wants to sell off or restructure various divisions, it will be other parts of the company. They’re a big enough company that they have enough layers to shed to stay afloat, if they need to, but they will hold on to Playstation.

  9. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    why did you use the old channel awesome logo,you could have used the new one. But that’s just me. I think i very agree with you guys that sony is plummeting down hill really fast.There video game offerings are good like ammiibo is selling like hot cakes and they’ve still got nintendo to cover there back and a really popular character in mario and they have the super smash brothers game for the wii u and nintendo 3ds selling real good. But i don’t think that they will get bought out because they still have a good slate of movies on there hands.Yeah you could argue that there movie company is going down hill with there recent boss amy pascal leaving, But i still think they will have it strong if there films are highly succesful. Well it’s not as bad as dreamworks going downhill,They still do have there savors like the video game system and nintendo to do business with. As for the marvel property’s,after there finished with there sinster six film and the spider-man franchises the rights for that will probably go back to them. But with there film business and the box office, There movie The Interview made alot of money online so i don’t think that they will get sold anytime soon but if they sell nintendo(which i doubt they will do but will see) then them and the video game business is done for.

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