Thunder by Imagine Dragons/Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man – Pop Song Review

Is it just me or has indie rock lost its indie mojo in the Commercials Era of music?

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  1. I pay for music all the time, I still buy all my songs from iTunes.

    As far as music videos go, they still seem to get plenty of views on YouTube.

  2. Oh, yeah! I have heard both of these songs through commercials. These both will probably get on my top 10 of 2017. I’m just happy that’s there’s still some happy music around. Plus, I still buy most music unless there’s no clean version for a song or unless iTunes doesn’t have it.

  3. Maybe the lyrics were misinterpreted and it’s suppose to be “I’m a rebel just for Kix, now”.

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    • If you have to explain a joke, it’s not funny.

      • The Real Silverstar

        That wouldn’t have been funny even without the explanation. When a joke dies, the proper thing to do is bury it, not make love to its’ corpse.

        • Why does everything have to be funny or meant as a joke to you two?

          • A sense of humor is a universally recognized indicator of intelligence, which probably explains why people like yourself don’t understand or appreciate it.

            If you’re saying that your original statement *wasn’t* intended as a joke, that somehow makes it seem even sadder.

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          • The Real Silverstar

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            As for your other claim, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but it seems to me that we were really as horrible as you’re making us seem, there would be more than one person complaining.

          • Thank you for admitting that, and if you are still checking this page let me explain my position.

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          • That’s a serious accusation and one that shouldn’t be tossed out so liberally. Being opinionated and being a bully aren’t synonymous. I could just as easily make an accusation about you being a troll or a spammer due to past interactions that were already mentioned. I find it hard to believe that your “Kix” line wasn’t indented as a joke, yet you continually claim that you weren’t trying to be funny. That doesn’t leave too many options as for as internet behavior goes.

            And again, you’re the only one here making that accusation, so maybe, just maybe, the problematic person is the guy that you see when you look in the mirror.

          • Sorry, I’m siding with Skard on this one. He made it clear his first comment wasn’t meant to be funny, but an observation on how so much music is being discovered through ads now. If you guys weren’t so desperate to pin any general comment as unfunny this argument would have never have happened. Get help.

  4. Todd, I want to thank you until the end of time for reviewing Feel It Still. For the past few Tuesdays during my therapy appointments, that song ALWAYS played on the local radio when I was there. However, I didn’t expect the music video for it to look the way it does.

    And actually, there ARE technically 3 Pokémon named Thunder; 2 of them are Legendaries, and the other is an Eeveelution. I also did notice the music being used in all those ads.

  5. People still watch commercials?

  6. Little known band “Feldberg” got into pop the other way around: started making commercial jingles, then one of their jingles got popular out of the blue, so they expanded it, published it, and made a semi-popular record.
    At least one.
    Forgotten now, for the most part.

  7. As a Metal head I’m still safe, ads still only annoy me

  8. And that’s why I’m for natural classical forever in all it’s forms, arrivederci.

  9. Well natural instrumentation or instruments with occasional toleration of electric or electronic ones, plug it in, plug it in, I should use this very video as a great example demonstration in my Writing for the Electronic Media class part of the Mass Media course at the CUNY Kingsborough Community College, if only my deadbeat, ignorant professor allowed it for extra credit and was impressed by my comforting, unexpected knowledge of you and your work Todd, particular this video.

  10. Since I live under a rock I don’t have this problem. I also think it’s funny that these bands are still allowed to be called indie because being featured in any ad means you’re pretty much mainstream at that point.

  11. Thanks, man. This was pretty awesome. Also surprisingly deep.

    Back to the silly stuff: OHW, “Move Any Mountain”, The Shamen. Just to expand your horizons beyond good ol’ rock.

  12. (First comment ever! Yay :D) Wow. I am really behind on the charts. I hadn’t recognized any of these songs in the past month, even though I listen to pop music. It’s not like I don’t watch TV, since my siblings always put it on while I’m eating breakfast, it’s just that the advertisements didn’t come on I guess. I did actually hear “Thunder” a few weeks ago but I guess it was so boring that I thought it was just from some random indie band. “Feel it still” is definitely a better song, at least in my book.

  13. You make a good point of how advertising is one of the only ways bands have to be noticed anymore, but with NetFlix, TeeVo, and Ad Block making it possible to skip or ignore ads, how long before even that is not an option?

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