Thunderbirds Are Go – AT4W

Thunderbirds Are Go! Thunderbirds Are Stop! Thunderbirds Are Playing Red Light/Green Light!

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  1. Hooray! I love the original Thunderbirds, I still have the toys and Tracy Island, which I was obsessed with in the 90’s. (The show had a very successful rerun during this decade.)
    However this movie is definitely boring even for a fan myself, the less said about Alan’s dream, the better. The sequel film Thunderbird 6 is an improvement but not by much. You’re better off watching an episode of the TV series, as they’re 50 minutes long with tons of tension, action and glorious explosions.

  2. Actual Lee, I really don’t mind the storylines. Tobe Fair, it’s one of the things that helps me keep watching your show.

    I haven’t watched much of the original Thunderbirds TV show, and I think that’s because it stars puppets that are NOT stop motion. I also haven’t seen the crappy live action movie from the 2000’s starring the late (and awesome) Bill Paxton.

    With the vehicles assembling, I keep thinking that I’m watching a Megazord transformation sequence.

    The same thing goes for The Cinema Snob

    Why does Lady Penelope’s driver have creepy looking eyes? Jesus, you’d think they would have used that puppet for a Puppet Master sequel or something.

    With the band The Shadows showing up, I’m suddenly thinking of The Faded Blue from the movie Blastoff Girls. Just praying we don’t have a cameo by a fast food mascot.

    For those who don’t get the moon spiders joke, see the movie “Apollo 18.”

    Man, this movie was boring.

  3. So you get Cliff Richards on a Thunderbirds movie and he doesn’t sing “Living Doll”?

  4. Oh, God. Puppets. 😰

  5. The difference between football and Rugby is Rugby doesn’t have armor so people can’t crash into each other at bone breaking force, making the game tension kind of lame and slowing things down.

    • And yet every other country around the world (e.g. UK, France, South Africa, Japan) prefers not to wear armour. Probably because they rely on the strategic side of the game, instead of focusing on players bashing into each other.

  6. I actually do feel a little sorry for Alan. I don’t think his problem was having to stay home and do his job so much as his five brothers organised a night out on the town without him. I know if my five brothers did that, I’d be all, like ‘Since when do I have one brother, let alone five which would necessitate owning a rack’?
    … Also, ‘going out without me? That’s kind of mean.’

    I kind of an airline stewardess vibe from those uniforms.

    When you talk about the dream, I was expecting a Tongue-Tied joke. 🙂
    Cliff Richard isn’t even known as a very ‘out there’ singer.

    I loved the ‘pointless scene’ chant! 😀

    ‘Moon spiders’? Wouldn’t they be the Spiders From Mars?

    ‘Said with all the enthusiasm of buying toner for your printer.’
    Actually, when I order toner at work, I have *more* enthusiasm than that line reading!

  7. In Alan’s defense, I have absolutely had dreams with cut-aways.

    And once with a prologue.

    And one with atmospheric establishing shots coupled with voiceover narration to provide exposition.

    And one with a DLC side-area which I tried to explore using a noclip cheatcode, resulting in me accidentally entering a room that I wasn’t supposed to get to until much later in the story and triggering an event-flag out of sequence and breaking the game.

    And no, no part of anything I just said is a joke.

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