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Let’s talk about Tanusha “Kayo” Kyrano, Tin-Tin, and being a ladyperson in Thunderbirds past and present.

Also a little about the Cold War, paranoia, and the nature of Thunderbirds Are Go episodes vs. the Thunderbirds of the 60s.

Some day I really will write that Pen & Ink episode. But it’s not today. Maybe I could work it into History of Fanfiction.

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    I don’t suppose you’ve been able to track down the Thunderbirds anime series from the late 80s, have you? It’s been many long years since I’ve seen the series, but I remember it being heavy on the rescues and equipment. It’d probably be terribly difficult to track down these days.

    EDIT: I just found out the DVDs are on Amazon. It’s like $500.00 O_O

    So I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t try to purchase it.

  2. Thunderbird Shadow was designed by the master of transforming robots who drew up Optimus Prime and everything in Macross/Robotech. Which is why if you type in Chogokin Valkyrie in amazon, you get pages of expensive robots he designed that all basically transform into the Shadow.

    He was probably sweating hard resisting the urge to make the Thunderbird Shadow turn into a giant robot that rides on the human-sized motorcycle.

  3. I think that the car crash plot could still work today if they just made the character a bad driver… maybe. I never saw anything besides the Thunderbirds movie so that’s all I have to say.

  4. I totally agree with you on Kayo. They end up have two female super-spies, with cool rides, on the ground doing the same work (their styles play-out like a James Bond+Sam Fisher duo) and took forever to utilize her.

    I really like how Thunderbird-5 is now a rotating wheel space station. If I had one issue with it, it would be that it is too small (with regard to the Coriolis effect) to live comfortably.

    One thing I found really annoying with the show is how they avoid the topic of Thunderbird-3’s atomic engine (as established in the original series) by calling it “ion engines” in the new series so folks do not think the team are flying around in live nukes. While economic sound at vast distances, ion engines are really, really slllloooooooowwwwww. Atomic engines on the other hand are ALL about kick! (and heat-buildup, and large radiators, and heavy shielding, and the launch bay becoming radioactive over time)

    • Didn’t all three of the main ships in the original ships have an atomic engine of one form or another. For T1 it was that grey cylinder at the rear of the ship that the engine nozzles were on. For T2 it was that curved bit at the very rear of the fuselage that was not part of the pod. Between the spars.

      I’m always amused and yet appalled at how modern takes never get Thunderbird three right. The way Medding’s designed the ship, the atomic plant was up near the top in the long thin pointy bit. The cockpit was the section in the middle that had the vanes around it. You can tell as several cockpit shots show those round windows around the room. The cylinder below the cockpit is the passenger and cargo pod. It carries the heat shield, and can detach to safely re-enter the atmosphere as an escape capsule.

      • Yep. Only atomic engines could get the amount of power-to-weight ratio required to lift a 500+ ton machine. Where the other, land-based Thunderbirds can keep their engines cool by atmospheric conduction, the lack of air in space means that the engine block on T3 requires cooling fins to bleed the engine’s heat out into space.

        After looking at the Thunderbirds Wiki, it is confirmed that, yes, T3 uses an atomic engine for power, but it uses chemical and ion thrusters for propulsion. The tremendous speeds boasted by T3 (6g safe acceleration, 10g escape acceleration, and 1 AU trip in about 3 days) is only possible thru atomic thrust! I’m talking about a nozzle that rapidly fires micro nuclear explosions for thrust!

        As crazy and fictional as that sounds, Google “Orion Project” for something that would absolutely blow your mind! And Google “Atomic Rockets” or “Project Rho” for a site that gives a lot of detail about space travel and realistic ship design.

  5. I wasn’t raised on that series, so I don’t give a shit about it, but I maybe give a chance that one.. maybe..

  6. FAB: Fully Acknowledged and Briefed

  7. Ursa, you might want to rewatch the original Puppet version of the show again with an eye towards TinTin. Especially the last Movie Thunderbird 6. TinTin is the only character in the show that has an arc. That has steady development throughout. We first meet her as a freshly graduated Oxford student on her journey home, in the very first episode. Yes she is Kyrano’s daughter. She is also the new hire if you will. The intern. As such she gets to do a bit of everything and learn the ropes. She has some trials in dealing with her uncle. Develops a bit of a romance with Alan, which pays off in Thunderbird 6. And also in Thunderbird 6 her story pays off. She gets her uniform, and we see Brains in his for the first time. Unlike the Tracey boys back in the first incarnation she is the one we watch go from fresh out of school to full member of the team.

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