Thunderstrike #1 – AT4W

“Whosoever picks up this comic, if he be worthy, shall instantly regret it.”

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  1. Ah yes, Thunderstrike. Discount Thor whom we had already met in reviews of those terrible Secret Defenders issues. Then again to me that was first time I learned about Nebula as well.

  2. 12:30 – I clearly see that the belt is buckled. It’s just a really long belt that is looped over.
    Though he is approaching the “too many belts” category with to 2 more on his coat.

    So Carjack isn’t jacking cars for their monetary value. He really is trying to instill terror. But then why are they against screaming. Wouldn’t screaming be a natural response to terror?

  3. I immediately thought of the Red Skull. I’m not familiar with this comic. The mannequin theory goes as well as any other theory. There’s some anime reference I missed? I thought I knew anime! Well, this is still nice.

  4. Dose Bloodaxe remind anyone of someone they may have seen in the Venture Bros

  5. How fascinatingly 90’s.

  6. You said way back in 2009 that you were gonna review this comic in video form, and it’s better late than never, I guess.

    4:37- So in other words, he look’s like Donald Trump when he’s on Twitter? …Weird.

    I remember 1993 very well, and I don’t recall my mom or dad ever having their vehicles jacked, even after we had that big flood that summer.

    11:53- If only NFL SuperPro would come along to…smash the Smashers. Hehehe. …Sorry.

    Carjack (aka Dr. Dumb) looks like a Jamaican version of Dr. Doom. I already know that Marvel won’t do this when they introduce the Fantastic Four in their Cinematic Universe.

    17:21- His pose here reminds me of that of a skater being pulled by the end of a vehicle.

    19:16- Of course Dr. Dumb is a racist.

    Just pray we don’t see Thunderstrike replace Thor in the MCU.

  7. 0:48 Just in the 90’s alone over at DC Comics………..
    Clark Kent was replaced by four heroes (one of them secretly evil)
    Bruce Wayne was replaced by Azrael
    Diana Prince was replaced by Artemis
    Wally West (Himself a replacement) was replaced by John Fox
    Oliver Queen was replaced by Conner Hawke
    Ray Palmer was replaced by Ryan Choi
    Hal Jordan was replaced by Kyle Rayner
    and that’s just DC Comics (I’m probably missing a few).
    11:00 Steve Rogers was actually hired by “Marvel” in the late 70’s to be an artist
    for “their” Captain America comic (and yes, they knew it was him).

  8. Comic: ‘Carjacking is a national disgrace.’
    You: ‘It’s not like America is responsible for it.’
    Further to your point: My parents taught me to always leave a full car length in front of the car next to me when stopped at lights, because they learned that as a way to get away from carjackers (basically, leave yourself room to drive off in a hurry).
    They did not learn this growing up in the United States for the first twenty+ years of their lives; they learned it from living in South Africa for three years.

    ‘Not all crime is terrorism’.
    There’s a UK anti DVD-piracy ad that actually says ‘video piracy funds terrorists’. The group that makes it calls itself F.A.C.T.
    So, uh, that’s a thing that happened.

    Bloodaxe looks like Nightthrasher.

    ‘If it was Thor or Lady Sif, it’d be a literal deus ex machina.’
    Have you ever read Namor? The first issue after Byrne left actually has one of those.
    It’s got a foil cover; you’d love it.

    Maybe it’s a costume shop that sells costumes OF supeheroes rather than TO superheroes (present company excepted, of course).

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