Tic Tac Toe by Kyper – One Hit Wonderland

This obscure rapper from 1990 has got some ex’s and oh’s.

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  1. Actually, I remember Kyper. What’s more, I mostly listened to his Electro tracks; I wasn’t terribly impressed with the song “Tic Tac Toe”, though.

    Believe it or not, I continued to listen to Electro on into the early 90s, along with Freestyle. But by the early-mid 90s, both of those genres were pretty much dead. There was something of a revival of it with the Breakbeat music of the 2000s.

    • As for Kyper, his music didn’t age very well for me. When I went through that Electro-Breaks nostalgia in the 2000s, I dug up some of his tracks, but one by one they got deleted as I lost interest in them.

  2. Even when I don’t agree with your opinions, I usually end up learning something new about music. Yeah, I’ve never heard of this song before. I do remember “A Bay Bay” though. I was in middle school when A Bay Bay came out. Lastly, that I’m Bionic song’s video cracked me up. Still, I miss the 90s. At least they had layered innuendo rather than just putting it all out there.

  3. Hey not for nothing, but why isn’t your top 10 best hit songs of 2017 not being posted on the site?

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