Tinker Bell – Disneycember

With several movies under her belt, let’s see what got so many kids watching this famous pixie. Doug takes a look at Tinker Bell.

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  1. Next year, review the films under the Touchstone division

  2. Wouldn’t this actually be a prequel since it deals with Tinker Bell’s birth/creation and the time before she hangs out with Peter Pan? Pretty sure it is.

    Sorry, Doug. You’re gonna have to pull it and save it for the next Disneycember when it’s strictly about prequels. Better luck next time buddy.

    • If that’s the case then he should pull Lion King 1½ too.

      • ‘Tinker Bell’ is solely a prequel. (At least I’m pretty sure it is because I never saw Peter Pan in it and Doug didn’t mention his presence.)
        ‘The Lion King 1 1/2’ actually flows into ‘The Lion King’ so it’s not solely a prequel.

    • And in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m totally joking. (All except for the movie not being a sequel part, because it isn’t.)
      I know the Channel Awesome people don’t read these comments. (Not usually anyway.) I’m positive Doug wouldn’t pull the video even if he did realize the mistake. It’s too much trouble to pull it, save it and put it back for an official “Disney Prequel Month”.

  3. I hope you do Pooh’s Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin for Popular demand.

  4. 3:01 I think it’s because you’re openly into harsh offensive humor, is that it?

  5. Yeah I don’t know why that crying squirrel made me cry either but I also feel really bad for it at the same time…

  6. Until next year Disneycember! ^.^ I had the book that was out about a year before this movie. The book made me change my whole room as a kid. It was Tinker Bell green with little fairy dust sprinkles on the wall. However, by the time the movie came out, I was too old to be interested. Although, are those the bugs from Bug’s Life at 2:15 or is it just me?! Lastly, please review the Disney Channel movies one day.

  7. I kinda liked that movie, really.

  8. Acts of cruelty is fun or enjoyable even if accidental.

  9. Because we’re cynical adults and company loves misery occasionally. I mean we’re still good hearted adult people for the most part. But seriously Doug remember or research or watch 1997’s Pooh’s Grand Adventure: The Search For Christopher Robin.

  10. The reason why she was never popular was because in the original source material, including the Disney version she was a jealous, contemptible little bitch with no redeeming qualities beyond being so insanely obsessed with Peter that she’d risk her life for him. (And, you know, try to kill anyone who got close to him.)

  11. And thus we conclude another year! I heard this was actually a lot better than most of the Disney sequels. Next year, do the TV movies. Honestly, they’re probably better than these films. How about the other Marvel movies next year? You know, all the Spider-Man and X-Men films.

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