Titanic – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara is back and ready to watch a James Cameron classic, Titanic. Does the film hold up? Find out now!

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  1. But what about the rapping dog?

  2. everyone who says the Diamond could have went to charity forget that the guys looking for it were going to sell it to the highest bidder who would lock it away in some safe, not to charity. Rose couldn’t keep it from them forever even if the one guy changed.

    and people always talk about how the movie depicts the crew of the ship as villains but it really didn’t. they just seemed to no fully comprehend the gravity of the situation witch is how it was for a lot of them in real life. plus, Cameron did find an old letter that said that yes, the Third Class passengers were locked down below, that is not a myth. but it wasn’t about classism so much as a concern about trampling.

    and Murdock may have actually killed himself. maybe not but based on that person in real life giving the order “every man for himself”, there was only one other person with the authority to tell the other officers.

    • What do you think “give it to charity” means? It means selling the diamond to the highest bidder, and then sending the money you get from that to charity. Point is, she doesn’t have to keep the money if she doesn’t want it, but she can at least do some good with it.

    • Here’s the thing: I generally have an objection to people telling other people what to do with their own money/property. Sure, if I have a priceless jewel, I could sell it and give it to charity. I could also sell it and pay for a trip to Rio de Janeiro.

      People are always quick to decide what to do with other people’s stuff; but they’re usually not terribly keen on doing it with their own stuff.

  3. Wisconsin was brought up to establish how cold the water where they are is: In the moment, it was to stop Rose from jumping; As a narrative device, it was to set up for later that this was NOT California in summertime and that the water is death even if you can keep your head above it.

  4. Billy Zane isn’t a total monster because the writing isn’t as bad as people want to make it out to be. We’re led along thinking he’s uptight and arrogant but excusable, until you see his abusive side come out…at that point we as the audience lose any sympathy for him.

    Which is kind of realistic…abusers don’t go around smacking women 24/7…it’s the fact that they act normal and sometimes even sweet until that anger comes out that makes it hard for many women to leave an abusive situation. Rose is depicted as a fairly strong woman, so they threw in the family situation to give the audience consistent characterization for why she was still with him after we learn what he is.

    Silent movie heels and cartoon villains like Jafar and Snidely Whiplash are the overtly evil types that seem unrealistic and exist only for us to boo and have contempt for.

  5. Also: I agree this was a good movie, and I’m not the target demographic.

  6. Does she know who Lindsey Ellis is?

    It seemed like she didn’t recognize the name.

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