Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #3 – AT4W

Turns out the diplomas got swapped out with death certificates by mistake.

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  1. Not a big fan of DCs newest logo. It looks like if I click on it it will take me to my Facebook page.

  2. Well for the first time I might actually skip next weeks episode.

    • Monsieur Safior

      For what? Because he might prove then Civil War is overrated.

      • No.

        He will point out somethings that I will agree with, but for most of it I will disagree with. CW is going to be 10 years old now and I’m just getting tired of defending it from naysayers (people like you). And if I watch it again its just gong to end up reopening old wounds and I’ll just end up repeating old habits.

        So here’s the deal: I’ll agree to your ” Civil War is overrated” comment as I hold my fingers crossed behind my back. Its win-win. I can move on with my life and do more productive things and you can walk around with a nice smug look on your face that you were right about something. Deal?

  3. Heh…”Titans/Young Justice Bar Mitzvah”…

    I’d love to see a bad comic involving a Bar Mitzvah on this show, just so Linkara can say the line “today…I AM A MAN!” *punch*

  4. I actually like the more manga inspired artstyle by Ale Garza. I think the drawings are not bad at all, they resemble the artstyle of Todd Nauck, who was the penciler for Young Justice. But that can be a matter of taste and at times Linkara seems to have a tendency to dislike artstyles that are to stylised or use exageration for dramatic purposes.

    • I don’t know, Linkara makes fun of exaggeration for comedy purposes. But he likes manga including Yugioh, which has far more stylized art made entirely of sharp angles and exaggeration.

      I doubt that’s where the problem comes from. Ale Garza’s art has completely unrelated, ’90s skewed perspectives on top of that, which when mixed with quasi-realism, can end up in a 3-way uncanny valley of styles. Like that time he drew Adventure Time, and I fell over dizzy and disturbed.

  5. Indigo has to be one the most confusing comic book characters to recollect. She’s one of the few entities who is technically, both a hero and a villain. And no, I don’t like an antihero, I mean… well, it’s like she just can’t seem to make up her mind on whether she’s inherently good or evil; kind’a like Supergirl only Supergirl zigs where Indigo zags in terms of true heroism.

    In fact one can pretty much say that Indigo, is a direct antithesis to Supergirl, since they are both pretty similar characters; and that they are both younger female equivalents to their older male counterparts.

    But with that said, she’s an okay character.

    However with that said, the death of Donna completely overshadowing Lilith, and the overall story contributing nothing to either the Titans or YJ, that is just a double whammy of screw you! Judd Winick may be a good writer, but sometimes his cynicism of how edgy and mature you make something not only gets in the way of his preference and derails his writing, but also set a bad taste in the mouths of the audience to a P.

  6. In speaking of crossovers that DON’T suck, has anyone read that Star Trek/Green Lantern mini-series? I’m asking, because if it’s any better than the Star Trek/X-Men crossovers, I’d like to read it.

    In speaking of the ad on the back for Superman glow-in-the-dark stickers, I wish this comic was like anything from the DC Animated Universe.

    8:07- Oh no, the blue robot is turning into Max Headroom!

    I’m also confused on why Metamorpho is in this comic. It would have made more sense if the ACTUAL Superman showed up and turn that robot duplicate of his into more pieces than Nightwing’s poorly designed domino mask.

    14:01- DEAR LORD IN HEAVEN! And people think that Batman v Superman is the most insulting thing DC has ever made.

    I also like the DC logo from 2005-2012. I also got used to the logo from 2012-2016, and the recent new logo is okay at best.

    And Outsiders/America’s Most Wanted crossover? …What is this? I don’t even…

    At least Marvel’s Civil War later gave us the movie Captain America: Civil War, which is AWESOME!

  7. I look forward to “Civil War”. I’m amazed how much better the movie did it! No selling a marriage to the Devil! I had no idea she would die. Wait, superheroes die all the time. I still wasn’t expecting it.

  8. TragicGuineaPig

    Actually, a Bar Mitzvah (or Bat Mitzvah if it’s a girl) is a sort of graduation.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      “Windows 10” – So the Robots started calling people Dave, kept asking them what they are doing (or telling them that they can’t do that), and then started singing songs about bicycles.

  9. Robert Bob Bobson

    To be fair to Winnick, I don’t see a better way to say something like “and now the gyros aren’t working”.

    I don’t see a problem with calling it “Graduation Day”. The Young Justice roster is graduating into the Titans.

    • Except they’re all being portrayed as useless wannabes who’re being put under the supervision of the Titans members for their own good. It honestly comes off as the Young Justice characters being put into daycare rather then any sort of graduation. Especially since they’re essentially in the same situation they were in before, only instead of being mentored by the Justice League they’re now being mentored by former sidekicks OF the Justice League.

      Really a more accurate title would’ve been: Young Justice: Same story, different title, only not as fun.

  10. The whole thing feels like someone decided it was time to reactivate the Outsiders and Teen Titans trademarks. It’s also part of what I consider attempts to ruin Nightwing that started with the post Crisis Jason Todd origin where Batman “fired” Dick as Robin.

    As someone who remembers fondly the original New Teen Titans/Batman and The Outsiders crossover, where Dick and Bruce’s “breakup” was handled in an adult and mature manner, subsequent attempts to add “conflict” to their relationship always piss me off. Making Dick act like he’s trying to live up to his name as they did in Outsiders was just stupid.

    The highlight of this stupidity was the “One Year Later” issue where he threatens Superman with a lead box with Kryptonite inside it. SUPERMAN WAS TWO FEET AWAY!!! He could have swiped the box and flown it into the sun before Dick thought about opening it. I get is was originally supposed to be Jason, but it’s still stupid. It didn’t make Nightwing look tough, it made him look like someone who didn’t know the first thing about Superman and made Superman look like a wuss.

  11. My number 1 thing I felt was wrong with Civil War? Susan Storm’s apparent lack of all knowledge regarding criminals and due process of law. Susan, hey, listen, did you know that when someone is arrested they’re oftentimes put in lockup pending a hearing regarding bail?

    That was my favorite little bit they threw in when they showed off the inter-dimensional prison on the Avenger’s Earth’s Mightiest show from a few years ago. Hank Pym just out and out acknowledges that these super-criminals are being held there pending a bail hearing.

  12. Was this the same indigo that showed up on the supergirl show ? I thought she was a bargain bin female Brainiac.

  13. And so it ends….I have a bad feeling about this…

    I’m probably alone but Indigo isn’t a half bad idea: time hopping robot that looks like she leapt out of a magical girl anime; brillient. But is not working here

    Noticing a pattern with the stuff reviewed here: it appears mini series and specials with the recognizable characters aren’t done as often as old goofy stuff like Tandy Computer Whiz Kids or the sheer madness of Image Comics. And it also seems that those mini series and specials tend to be far worse then any of the other two catagories combined
    Going by the LOW bar set by other mini series on this show, this wasn’t as bad as a I thought it would be (again standars are Ultimate and Marvel 200). Though this is pretty lothesome, getting more repugnant by the second.

    Next episode sounds interesting; can’t wait

  14. Yeah, I can tell this comic sucks. What I can’t tell is whether the Donna death pose was on purpose or not. Also, next week should be interesting. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Civil War.

    • CW is pretty good. It has it flaws like everything else but overall it was a good event. It has its naysayers (Linkara being one of them) but its to be expected on anything that gets well received.

    • Joel Martinsson

      CW was a great concept but a very muddled story that couldn’t handle the themes and great heroes literally acting like the villains they’ve risked their lives for their entire careers to fight. It does for example have Mr. Fantastic building a prison that will imprison anyone who won’t register with the goverment for life in a super-duper secure prison in a dimension(the negative zone) that literally sucks the life out of you with blatant human rights abuses commited openly. It had more cons than pros, by far.

      • Which they had every right to do thanks to the Superhero Registration Act. Don’t register, you’re braking the law. That simple.

        • Which is an insanely shitty law that we never get any actual concrete details on beyond “You cannot use your superpowers in any way, not even in your personal life, without being conscripted into the 50 state initiative and being put into training and combat”. Which was started because some villain hopped up on a super-drug supplied to him by Damage Control so they’d get more contracts fixing shit blew up a school full of kids, but no one except Wolverine and Namor actually place the blame on the villain for doing so.

  15. ah, Civil War. that reminds me of a quote from good George Carlin: “Now there is another phrase I dearly love. That is a true oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one — civil war. D’you think anybody in this country could ever really have a civil war? “Say, pardon me…*machinegun sounds*…I’m awfully sorry! Awfully sorry.”

  16. Stopping crime before it happens: LAME! Who wants to see a comic about politicians investing in education, reforming prisons and legalizing drugs. Give me the Joker eating puppy burgers gosh darn it.

    Sweet, some ‘Civil War’ stuff. And it being a countdown… a reference to Linkara’s famous Countdown um, countdown two parter.

  17. the Indigo/Brainiac-8 swerve kinda pissed me off. I guess it’s because I liked her relationship with Shift

  18. Joel Martinsson

    Finally doing civil war huh? Great, that event was such a dud(although I liked the concept).

  19. Technically berserkers are a kind of warrior. Just putting that out there.

    There’s some evidence that deploying berserkers may not have been as advantageous on the battlefield as their handlers believed, but then, the Vikings kinda had a thing for dying in battle.

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