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This week is so random. Or is it? Pay for preferred random numbers? Let’s talk about that….

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  1. About the title, I don’t get it. How does this relate to Zeus? He threw lightning bolts and good fortunes are referred to as a lightning strike???

  2. I have witnessed the opposite thing, but of course i cannot prove it. We just gathered numbers over a long time span and those seemed to suggest a manipulation. In pangya it seemed, that new players won lottery items far more easily, while those that invested a lot had worse odds. Especially when it came to your most played characters. The company could of course log how much time you spend on each character, you could even look it up yourself ingame. Interestingly most of the “whales” had the phaenomenon, that they won the items for the character(s) they played the most, very late. Thus they were “inspired” to spend more money.

    I also play Hearthstone and the many rng elements were always something i do not like about the game, coming from an mtg background. There are too many things you cannot influence, that in the end determine if you win or loose a game, regardless of player skill.

    The only solution imo would be to make the games open source, so it can be proven wether or not shenenigans are in place.

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