TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan (PS4) – Battle Geek Plus

The BGP crew plays through TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) Mutants in Manhattan for the PS4. How will they play a game where you can’t play 4-player co-op on the couch?

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  1. Interesting change in the show format in this episode.

    I gotta agree with Ryan. Why isn’t this game 4 player couch co-op in 2016? It looks like you guys aren’t locked to the same screen which is probably why it’s online co-op only, but still, TMNT games have always been about playing as all 4 turtles right next to your friends on the couch.

    I was interested in picking up this game since my girlfriend and I love the turtles, but looks like I’m going to pass. Sorry.

  2. The opening brings up a good point about how ridiculous Multiplayer Online has gotten, not that I think it should be removed from all games or anything, I see the use if you have fellow gamer friends in different states or say online friends from another country its perfect. But if you have a friend who lives next door to you that is also a fellow gamer, than your instinctive reaction as a kid is to invite them over and play video games with you. I feel more games need to have a balance of Multi-player Online and Co-op Player.

    I am sure the game is okay, its just that some games I have played only have one or the other and it always kinda bugged me. Had to get it off my chest. 🙂

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