TMNT: Out of the Shadows – Nostalgia Critic

Angry Video Game Nerd, Black Nerd, and the Nostalgia Critic look at the Turtle movie that was supposed to please every Turtle fan!

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  1. This was really good
    The movie was not bad
    Wait why are you complaining about Megan Fox in a skimpy school girl outfit are you even men?
    The action is cool Cassy without the mask is terrible

    • thatchickwithlonghair

      Even though they are men, they probably dislike it because it’s such obvious pandering to the male gaze. People get insulted when a movie treats them like perverts…

  2. Okay these jokes are getting a little too rushed.

  3. Also why do I and any smart, rational human being person lives in North America if they are truly?

  4. To be fair to Megan Fox, if I were in this movie, I wouldn’t be trying either

  5. Did you guys know that the TMNT were inspired by Daredevil? Same evil ninja clan, same martial style and of course both been made by Frank Miller.

  6. I still don’t understand the casting choice of Sheamus as Rocksteady. Like, how many 20-or-30-somethings in New York have thick Irish accents?

  7. thatchickwithlonghair

    “You’re interrupting my word boxes!” XD

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