TMNT: Stupid Water Level – Battle Geek Plus

Josh has a bit of trouble finishing the water level in TMNT…. which drives him insane.. Watch the very first Battle Geek Plus video originally shot in 2011!

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  1. I was actually expecting this to look a lot like the early NC stuff like the Transformers review and the 2008 NC vs AVGN videos, but it looks like you guys were using that film look camera (what are they called again? I know Yomarz, Shark Jumping, Lucky Six, and Pop Quiz Hotshot use it too) from the beginning.

    This isn’t actually too bad for a first video. The underwater effects where Josh diffuses the bomb looked quite nice but obviously the acting was ehhhh… I think Ryan sounds a lot like Chris Stuckmann trying to act in a skit while Josh is being the goofy one. lol. Then again, it is the first BGP video.

    Nice to see a blast from the past on how BGP started. I’m glad you guys have improved tremendously since then.

  2. Heh. My at my last house, I had 3 room mates. It was hard NOT to designate each person to a turtle. Of course, the confusing part was when one room mate left and a new guy came in, and I had to start all over again.

    • lol dude!

      When I was a kid and played Turtles with my friends on the playground, I was the chubby Mexican kid, so I was always Bebop. I didn’t mind because I loved spouting the lines from the arcade game.

      Now I’m as thin as the new Bebop in the current series. 8)

  3. Did you ever stop those bombs? ^^

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