To Boldly Flee

The Final Adventure begins! Now in one video file instead of 8 Parts!

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  1. Is there some reason why I can’t watch this? It’s not here or on the Channel Awesome YT channel.

  2. For so long i skipped these specials, because i thought they were movies with their own stories not related to the known characters, guess i just misjudged the covers.

    By god, was that a big mistake. Not just because the critic and all the others are in it, just because it is so well done and the effort is so clearly visible.

    When i started the video and saw that it was 3 and a half hours long the first thing that came to my mind was “WTF, really?”, but it didn’t felt that long, i was actually sad when i ended, i would like to see it going.

    I’m really sorry that it took so long for me to watch it, great movie.

  3. Is there a reason that there are only five anniversary specials? I only see Epic Brawl, Kickassia, Suburban Knights, To Boldly Flee, and The Uncanny Valley: Dragonbored. Shouldn’t there be more?

  4. Carrie E. Moffett

    Never change, Nostalgia Chick, never change.
    I was really hoping that Nostalgia Critic was going to say, “Somewhere over the rainbow” or “Somewhere that’s green,” when he and the Nostalgia Chick were talking.

  5. TheKnifewieldingTonberry


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