Todd in the Shadows: Top Ten Best Hit Songs of 2014 Pt. 2

AKA: the good half of the best list!

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  1. I know this Year was bad for Popmusic but Ain’t It Fun and Chandelier were pretty awful Songs.

  2. 2014: The year Todd started actually kind of liking EDM.

    • Or maybe EDM is actually getting better? To be honest, five years ago when I was way too ambitious teenager I hated everything that had anything to do with electro, techno, house or Sweden due to how repetitive, bland, boring, motionless and emotionless it sounded…and maybe because I was way to deep into punk, punk pop or rock in general…yet I still liked Scooter (fuck knows why). Now, I like stuff that I hated back then, although I’m still picky for good stuff but when I realise that Stromae (yes, I’m from Europe) was something I despised due to repetitive beat I just smack my hand into my formhead creating a facepalm worth a thousand words. Sure, you can point out to people nowadays becoming more open to variety of genres but I blame indie artists (their ability to bring something retro, slam different genres and add surprising element thus creating this unique experience that from time to time works) and Japan (those guys are mad…geniuses) for this change in my mind.

      • Well, the EDM that’s hitting the charts definitely has a different feel than the popular EDM from years past. It’s more subdued, for lack of a better word, which might be making it more digestable to non-fans(and to people who aren’t partying too hard to really care what the music is).

        I’m used to people not “getting” my music of choice, being a rap and an electronic fan. But I do understand *why* people have trouble getting into electronic specifically. As a whole it has a much stronger emphasis on the “instrumentals” instead of the vocals, which leads to the main artist being someone who’d just be the producer in other genres. Many electronic songs have no vocals at all! A lot of people have no idea where to start when confronted with music that has no or minimal lyrics.

        It can be repetitive, but to be blunt, music in general is built on some level of repetition. Electronic music makes that repetition more noticable because you’re not focusing as heavily on lyrics. (…and a lot of it *is* more repetitive than a song of similar quality in another genre would be. I won’t pretend it’s not. It just comes with the territory, like how rap involves a lot of sampling or rock involves a lot of guitars.)

        I will throw out some electronic(not necessarily EDM, although I’m sure most of it sounds the same to non-fans :P) artists I think are good, just for the curious: Underworld(house/trance/EDM), Daft Punk(they’re The House Music Band for a reason), The KLF(all over the fucking place), Pendulum(drum & bass), Griz(electro-funk).

      • How could anyone hate Stromae for any reason?

      • As a fan of Melodic Music, but especially a huge fan of the sweeping synths and drops that exist in EDM (I love my Liquid Funk, Deep Progressive House, and Goa Trance) I find it very amusing that Todd says:

        “Not a fan of producer driven techno-pop”

        Because, almost all pop since the 90’s is some form of Electronically Produced Beat Driven Music that relies on a basic 4/4 sound with heavy bass and melody that fits with a singer. Not being a fan of producer driven techno-pop would mean that you don’t like the majority of pop music, which is totally fine. However, if you do like pop music I would say that the only difference is that you want a vocalist singing on top of the synths, but you would then probably like the majority of EDM. Todd’s statement comes from the average American’s bias against the music which is a Sociological discussion for a different board, but it is as Ironic (given his list of his top 10) as when Eminem says “Nobody Listens To Techno” while rapping over a completely synthesized electronic (techno) beat.

        Now, I do understand that the comment is focused on a specific sub-genre that Todd isn’t a fan of: ElectroHouse Club Pop; the style that has been making David Guetta, et. al. nice money for a while. However, when you look at his top 10 list the majority of songs, even if they have very nice vocals are electronically driven techno pop (they just don’t have the Club beats). Now, I am not trying to blast any particular opinion on the merit of music, but to not acknowledge the fact that the only difference between most Pop tracks and most ‘Proper Electronic Music’ is the addition of an emphasis on vocal structure shows a lack of understanding of music creation and production (especially in the Pop Genre). Unless you are producing your own beats, melody, and vocals, or, like Madonna, have been around so long that people want to work with you, the track is built by the Producer and then the vocalist sings. Consequently, the music is going to be, as often as not, some form of Producer Driven Techno-Pop only with a Vocal to compliment the Electronic Music.

        Love Me Harder – Ariana Grande & The Weeknd – without the vocals this is essentially a Deep House track –

        Birthday – Katy Perry – so this is a NuDisco style track that drops into a Dubstep beat towards the final breakdown, and was produced by Max Martin who is known for his synth (electronic) laden Europop styles –

        Chandelier – Sia – Chandlier is a slow builder that is somewhere between Synthpop and NuTrap –

        Rather Be – Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne – obviously this doesn’t need to be discussed as Todd covers it as an Club ElectroHouse Track that he likes

        Boom Clap – Charli XCX – Charli XCX is an electronic artist. She makes Electropop. Nuff Said.

        Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars – Some people may disagree, but this is also an Electronic track made in the Funk genre; and my proof: MARK RONSON.

        Now, I do agree with almost all of what Supersalsa says except that EDM is the umbrella category for all electronic music that has a beat and can be used to dance to. Pretty much everything except Noise and a few far out Leftfield style Ambient and Experimental.

        However, if you are looking for accessible groups to check out in addition to Supersalas, I would say Fatboy Slim (Big Beat Techno – and who doesn’t love watching Christopher Walken dancing?); Example (ElectroHouse – did a collab with Calvin Harris), RUFUS (Indie House), Rudimental (Multigenre); Foxes (EDM Pop); Netsky (Liquid Funk DNB); Wilkinson (Liquid DNB); DJ Fresh (Liquid DNB, had massive chart topping hits in the UK and elsewhere); Chemical Brothers (Big Beat Techno); Crystal Method (Acid Breakbeat/Big Beat); Dirty Vegas (they’re no longer producing, but they had a massive US hit back in the day); Kosheen; Sub Focus; Ramses B (Chillstep); Parov Stela (NU/Acid Jazz); Stanton Warriors (Breakbeat); Claptone (Deep House – does an amazing track using a Still Dre sample: check out the Jacko Davis Mash-up); Dub-FX (Beat Boxing DNB Hip-Hop); BT (Multigenre including Soundtracks); Munk (NuDisco); Azedia (Post-Dubstep); Singularity (Post-Dubstep); Moshic (Progressive House); Airwave (Trance); Technotronic (seriously if you don’t know who this is you either watch no sports or you are living in a hole).

        And the list goes on.

        So, try not to be bias against Electronic Dance Music, since most of what we listen to these days is EDM. Unless you are a hardcore Rock Fan and feel that those pesky synthesizers don’t belong anywhere near your strings in which case I ask: Why are you watching this video and not hounding the Viking on that other channel?


    I totally agree that that was the best song from 2014

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    dang man you seem to be having more fun with the Bruno mars and mark ronson song every minute you listen to it.good list and hope people don’t crawl under your skin for picking anaconda on your honorable mentions list.

  5. Holy hell, did you miss the mark with putting Chandelier on this. That song just blows chunks. The rest of the list is just fine. Uptown Funk is a great #1.

    • Yeah, it’s not like this is a list of his personal opinions or anything.

      Plus a lot of people like the song as well as enjoy its artistic style. You may not like the song but saying a song is bad without providing a reason why you think its bad when a lot of people like it is just being rude.

    • I don’t totally hate Chandelier but I DO hate the ‘chandeliiiiIIIIIEEEEEEERRRRRR’ part.

  6. What, you had room for Chandelier and Birthday but no room for any of these?
    -“Come with Me Now” by Kongos
    -“Pompeii” by Bastille
    -“Yellow Flicker Beat” by Lorde
    -“Word Crimes” by ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic (It counts! It made it on the Billboard Top 40 so it totally counts!)

    Shame. 😐

    JK, love the video as always. Though I do wonder what you’re going to do next year with Uptown Funk, since so far it’s also the best song of 2015. Hmm…

    • While we’re at it, it certainly is interesting how both you and I can’t stand songs that involve a guy bragging about how cool he is, his dance moves, his money, his girls, etc. yet we both absolutely LOVE Uptown Funk. What differentiates that from those other songs?


      Oh, that’s right! The fact that this one doesn’t SUCK. Congrats, Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. I hope you go places. 🙂

    • “Pompeii” came out in 2013, “Yellow Flicker Beat” and “Word Crimes” didn’t make it to the top 20 (which is what he counts, not top 40), and “Come With Me Now” came out in 2011.

      I only know this because I was trying to come up with a list of my favorite “hit” (make it to the Billboard top 20 at one point and was released this year) songs of 2014 and I couldn’t even come up with 10. Otherwise both “Pompeii” and “Yellow Flicker Beat” would have been on there.

      • It doesn’t matter what year it came out, it matters what year it was a hit. Todd explained the rules he uses to for his list very clearly. Stop it with the hipster crap.

      • True… but then again Happy also came out in 2013 yet he put it on the list.

        Also, with that said I think that I would’ve probably liked Happy, except it was WAAAAAAAAY too overplayed. Now whenever I hear it, I want to punch someone in the face.

        • Happy was the biggest hit song of 2014. Neither it nor Pompeii gained steam until 2014.

          Hit songs are unique like that. Safe and Sound by Capital Cities is a good example, as it was a 2011 single that practically nobody heard until 2013, so it would unfair to exclude it when it wasn’t relevant until then.

          • Which begs the question of why Pompeii wasn’t on the list, despite imo being one of the best songs of the year.

          • Yeah, I even had an idea as soon as I saw his review of how he might integrate it onto the list: start out whining some more about how bad the year was and maybe even what it says about music going forward, and as soon as you think he’s reached the point of biggest despair: “But if you close your eyes…” Certainly he thought badly enough of the year for it to work…

        • “Hipster crap”? I’m just repeating what Todd said about his criteria for “[xyz year] hit” in his Top 10 Worst Songs of 2012 list. Which was “Also, as always, I choose to restrict this list to the hits because they’re the ones that actually matter, which is why I use [screen shot of…] the Billboard Year-End 100 to narrow down my choices. But this year, I’m also expanding it to any single that placed in the Top 20 in 2012. So that way, I avoid stupid crap like [clip of Cee Lo Green – “Fuck You”] when I had to put Cee Lo on the 2011 list, even though his song came out in 2010.” This implied to me that Todd wanted to keep only songs that came out in a particular year on that year’s list. But HappySpaceman is right that “Happy” came out in 2013 so maybe he is being inconsistent or has changed his criteria since then? Idk

    • I like Ain’t it Fun, but I must take issue with his statement that it was the hardest rock song of the year. I believe that title belongs to Come With Me Now.

    • My good sir, I respect your opinions, and given a bad year this is a decent list, but WHERE THE HELL IS POMPEII!!! In your review of it, even though u said u liked, I think u didn’t really get the extent of the songs awesomeness. Look, have whatever opinion u want but pompeii is not literal. I don’t care what Bastille said, often artists r the worst interpreters of their own music. Even Franz Kafka said that metamorphosis is just about a guy turning into a bug. To me, pompeii is a song about disappointment and regret over the wrong things one has done, using the symbol of pompeii to show the extent of the damage he has done on the ones around him. Again, take it however u want, but seriously, this great piece of music demands a spot on everyone’s top 10 list, especially for this year. It is, to me, a lot like your views on take care by drake with a very interesting metaphor. But still, uptown funk is a kickass song

  7. Personally I preferred elastic Heart to Chandelier. I also really liked Dangerous by David Guetta. I think I’m just a sucker for Funk riffs.

    • I also liked “Elastic Heart” way better than “Chandelier”. Sia’s vox in “Chandelier” sound like oversinging to me. I can almost see the nodules forming on her cords.

  8. “This is the hardest rock song to become a hit this year. It’s lead instrument is a xylophone.”

    THAT is what you remember as the hardest rock hit? Sorry, but the hardest rock song of the year’s lead instrument was an accordion.

    … okay, I see your point.

  9. Savannah Chasing Sunshine

    Pretty good list. Worth the wait 🙂

  10. I agree with #1 wholeheartedly. Bruno found his stride with that one. Although, how did “Pompeii” not even get an honorable mention yet “Anaconda” did? Nicki Minaj sounds like a nasal chipmunk going through a wood chipper.

  11. Well, if there’s one thing I’ll give Todd it’s that he’s a hard guy to try to get a profile on. Every time I think we’ve got fairly similar tastes I get a pretty good surprise. With the slimmer pickings this year, I was expecting our most in sync lists yet and… well this was interesting. I’ll go through Todd’s list and reveal my picks that didn’t get mentioned later.

    Can’t say I’ve ever cared much for Ariana Grande, and predict we’ll never hear from The Weeknd again. I think the majority of the differences in taste just come down to personality or lifestyle differences. I don’t consider myself a mature person or look for mature music. Good, fun, emotional, sincere, seem to be the only things I’ve ever looked for. This is probably most apparent in things like me not making a sexual connection to love me harder until now, or thinking that the balloons Katy referred to were balls instead of her own breasts. I’m sure there’s a lot of relating/not relating that makes our picks different.

    Happy is fine, but kind of wore out it’s welcome on me pretty quick.

    Sing was probably the first Ed Sheeran song I heard and liked, and might even be the kind of song I’d through on a list if I felt I had to bump it up to 10. But it’s eh. I got even less out of Don’t which felt more like a song by a DJ featuring Ed Sheeran.

    Birthday, was a complete guilty pleasure for me as well, but again the kind of thing I didn’t love enough to keep off the list.

    Ain’t it fun was/is my number 1 this year, or at least a contender. Would have honestly been kind of surprised if Todd didn’t include it, seeing what a breath of fresh air it was, but the tone of part 1 honestly had me wondering. It’s an awesome song.

    Nope. Can’t say I get the Sia thing. I acknowledge that she’s talented, and is up there with Adele in making very sophisticated pop music, but it just leaves me cold.

    Considering I didn’t get the Sia, Ed Sheeran, or Ariana picks, I really started to chalk this up to, again, a difference in lifestyles, and me never having a taste, for things that we’re considered “mature” as they always seem restrained. Mind = blown that Rather Be is on this list, and this high up. Does not invoke the slightest emotional response from me. And I have no idea why so many people I know personally loved this song too. My best friend, that I’m (not so) secretly in love with, always liked it when this song came on. My cousin’s wife, who used to be this cool tatted, pierced chick but now listens to Enrique Iglesias really loved this song too. Just saying it must be me, cuz I’m completely lost. I’m guessing Todd must have felt this way when so many people told him they liked Take Me To Church. Take Me To Church is okay.

    Boom Clap was still surprising, but not an “Is this guy serious?” moment. Don’t understand it being a description of real love, it’s always just seemed about nothing. I can kind of groove to it if I’m like half asleep or something, but nothing I’d ever listen to because I wanted to.

    UPTOWN FUNK YOU UP! UPTOWN FUNK YOU UP! UPTOWN FUNK YOU UP! DON’T BELIEVE ME JUST WATCH! I pretty much knew this would be Todd’ s number one when he ended one review saying he never wanted to hear another song again. I love it too.

    Briefly I’ll touch my honorables. As I said on the best list, Animals was something I reluctantly liked because it reminded me of Fall Out Boy. Along those same lines, I have mixed feelings about 5 Seconds Of Summer resurrecting pop punk in the mainstream, but think, like One Direction, they may evolve with age. Their other top 20 hit Amnesia, was much better and I’m starting to come around on them, or at least hoping for the best. I’m still not entirely sure how this list works, hearing both only in the top 20 and any that hit the hot 100, so I’ll cover this one as an honorable just to be safe. I loved Sleeping With A Friend by Neon Trees. It seemed like the tightest they had ever been. Contradicting what I’ve said about different lifestyles, I really thought Todd would have liked the complexities of relationships shown in that song. I’m surprised it charted so low considering how often I heard that song in the New York area. My number one was always flip flopping between Sleeping With A Friend and Ain’t It Fun. Lastly, Fall Out Boy. I know digital stores market things differently, but according to Spotify, they’ve released 6 singles from an album that’s been out for about 2 weeks. And all of them seem to have charted. I could have filled my list up with them, but that wouldn’t be very fun. Only Centuries cracked the top 20, and not till this year. Hoping I don’t have to resort to putting it on next year’s best list.

    Aside from that I’m a bit surprised Blank Space wasn’t on this list. I’ve never considered myself a T-swizzle fan, but had it on mine, in the same sense Todd seems to admit Katy Perry songs are maddeningly catchy. Todd seemed to really appreciate T-Swift’s new found self awareness. Oh well.

    It’s interesting to me how often Sam Smith was discussed because the only song he’s done that I’ve liked so far is Stay With Me. It may not be a party song, but it definitely shows technical prowess in terms of vocals if nothing else. Also liked seeing it covered a lot in talent competitions. I might not like it as much listening to an album full of same-sounding songs, but I like it right now.

    I liked Bang Bang a lot and people seemed pretty mixed to it.

    My number 2 was a country song. I never thought I’d say that. I grew up in New Jersey, the most suburban place on earth, I’ve had very limited and weird exposure to country music. But as I was watching New Years Rockin’ Eve, and they announced their next performer was a country artist, I just kind of bit the bullet and said it would be over soon enough. Then Brantley Gilbert started playing. He was this pierced, chain wearing, hardcore looking dude with a gravely voice. His drummer had a mowhawk. The intro to the song reminded me of Thirty Seconds To Mars or Linkin Park. The closest thing to country was a banjo that I didn’t even mind. I had never heard Bottoms Up before but it made the top 20. I honestly hope that Brantley Gilbert will be the kind of outlaw country star that reaches out to metal and punk fan communities the way Johnny Cash did, and as of right now I have great expectations for him. Knowing Todd has had a weird relationship with country recently I thought he’d really appreciate Bottoms Up.

  12. Wow, this was a bad year. I only liked the top 2 (maybe 3) songs on this whole list. (I hadn’t heard #3, but it sounds promising.) TOTALLY agree with Boom Clap and Uptown Funk, those are the kind of joyful pop songs we need more of. Enough with the dreary drone songs. It was a really nice surprise to see Boom Clap so high on the list, though I’m disappointed no “Burn” or “Pompeii.”

    I get the inclusion of Anaconda on both lists. It’s almost so bad it’s good. It really is the MST3K movie of pop songs.

  13. The only thing this list proved to me was that I hate the current state of pop music. And Uptown Funk ripped off that terrible “All Gold Everything” song. And the state of mainstream rock is a joke if Paramore/Hayley Williams (AKA American Avril Lavigne) is on any best-of list.

    • Can it really be called ripping something off if the supposed “rip off” is better than the “original” could ever hope to be? Also I (at least personally) don’t really consider using the same phrase to be a rip off.

  14. thatotherreviewdude

    For a first time I agree with more than just your number one. I agree with your top three spots, and almost your entire top five with the exception of Sia. I was shocked that you put Boom Clap on the list and thought I would have to defend myself on it. But I honestly love both the top two spots and for me Uptown just beats out Boom Clap, and I haven’t even seen the fault in out stars (blame it on my lack of GF).

  15. what happened to I and Pompeii?

  16. Saint Vincent is the only artist I really got into this year.

    …Although I am intrigued by Sia.

  17. I really hope you do the Hanging Tree soon.

  18. I agree with pretty much everything on this list except Katy Perry and the fact that Pompeii is NO WHERE TO BE SEEN!!!! Not even an honorable mention, Todd? Why not???? I thought you liked it! But overall I loved the list and really appreciated your picks.

  19. I couldn’t even come up with 10 hit (by Todd’s criteria of either year end top 100 or made it into the top 20 at some point) songs that were released in 2014. I had a top 8.

    1) “Centuries”, Fall Out Boy (hey, it peaked at number 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100)
    2) “Blank Space”, Taylor Swift
    3) “Anaconda”, Nicki Minaj
    4) “Habits”, Tove Lo
    5) “Problem”, Ariana Grande
    6) “Ain’t It Fun”, Paramore
    7) “Out of the Woods”, Taylor Swift
    8) “Elastic Heart”, Sia

    And the only songs on that list I actively enjoy are 1 through 4. And I only like “Blank Space” that much because I Prevail did a metal cover of it, which made me enjoy the original more.

  20. hannah montana has traumatized you, hasn’t it?
    and i always love these lists, just because they give me so many new songs (and in some cases artists) to check out and enjoy that i may have never heard of/given a second glance.

  21. People will probably be baffled by this, but I love Nikki Minaj’s laugh in the song Anaconda. One it feels realer than anything in the video, two… IT IS SO FRIGGIN’ CUTE!!! <<33. *Ahem* Still hate the song.

  22. Why does the video for Chandelier have a 10 year old in a leotard?

    • Also you should not underestimate Lindsay Sterling. The woman has skill.

    • She’s 12, for the record. Sia is evidently a fan of “Dance Moms”, as she has Maddie Ziegler as her “mini Me” in the videos for both “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart”.

    • SYMBOLISM!@!>@!!>!!!!!

      The *twelve year old in the leotard was supposed to symbolize young Sia in a time that wasn’t perverted by drugs and alcohol, but was surrounded by family turmoil and living in a dangerous neighborhood. Sia, apparently, used to dance naked around the house as a child, so the girl in the video represented that innocent child version of Sia.

  23. Two things. Anyone else notice how Bruno Mars has been slowly climbing Todd’s lists for the last 3 years? Also I would pay good money to go back to early 2011 to see Todd’s face if we were to tell him that a Bruno Mars song was going to top his be of list in just 4 short years.

  24. Todd and I matched on four songs out of ten. And Rather Be is just an amazing song. My favorite song of the year, no contest. And I would argue that placing Uptown Funk on this list is cheating a little, but I can’t argue with the song itself.

  25. Not going to lie, the very first time I heard Rather Be, which was probably in September, my immediate first thought was where it was going to be on the list.

  26. Todd While i agree with your list I am dissipoint that you made no connection between Get Lucky and Uptown Funk or if you do it was so short I missed it.

    Maybe your saving a full analysis for something else I hope so. because this is the kind of thing that shocked and surprised me I called Get Lucky a fluke (for him) then Uptown Funk comes along and i can’t stop listening to it partially because it’s good partially because now i have to eat my words and admit Bruno Mars has talent and I want more Get Lucky being Disco and Uptownfunk being well Funk I hope he continues this style of music as he is really well suited to it maybe Mars was born just to bring back classic genre’s 😛

  27. The Invisible Mare


  28. Yup, Uptown Funk the Shadows Bait song. I shouldn’t be so mean, I like it too.

    This Top 10 is probably the first since 2010 where my wavelength is flying in a different direction, even if I appreciate the choices.

    5 – Both Todd’s interpretation and A Dose of Buckley’s make compelling arguments for this song to be in either direction. I am personally stuck in the middle, and I much preferred 2013’s Still Into You to it anyway.

    4 – Is my personal #5, I love this song to death, as well as Sia’s new album. Though I do also love Habits (Stay High).

    3 – It’s pretty and glittery, I understand it’s place even if I personally stop thinking about it immediately after it is finished.

    2 – This song was the only bit of light relief for me during The Fault In Our Stars, for that I thank it. Same as 2 really for me, I stop thinking about it after I’m done with it.

    1 – See up top.

    I am quite surprised to not see Michael Jackson’s hit get a mention given how happy and charming it is. I also quite like Anaconda. It alongside All About That Bass and Shake It Off are my favourite guilty pleasures of the year.

    Farewell 2014. Your games sucked between the barren AAA scene and the overloaded Indie scene. Your movies were damn cool. Your pop music was stagnant.

    Personal favourite ten both for my own reference and to give 2014 some credit for enjoyment, as reading through people’s lists in the 2013 best video was one of the nicest things about the pop song reviews last year. Qualifiers: Year End 100 or spent 12 weeks in the US Top 40.

    10: Ariana Grande – Break Free. Zedd’s production was woefully held back by Max Martin and it’s painfully obvious. Since it is the same song as Problem I liked Break Free more because I prefer my EDM to my retro. I am stwonger than I have bin befowah.

    9: Iggy Azalea featuring Rita Ora – Black Widow. I see this as the better version of Dark Horse, and I think I’m one of the few non-fans of Azalea to not give a shit about her false persona, making her actual ability to rap and the interesting lyrics stand out. Plus Ora’s chorus is really nice and I like the energy in it. I can’t believe Katy Perry chose to keep Dark Horse over Black Widow.

    8: Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang. It’s just a show case spectacle of the three women’s talent. I actually like the former pair’s lyrics, and Nicki Minaj’s rap verse elevated my enjoyment of the song to reach my Top 10. BANG BANG INTO THE ROOM!

    7: Katy Perry – Birthday. See Todd’s explanation. I see this as the better version of Last Friday Night in addition, and it was one of four redeeming features of the Prism album.

    6: Katy Perry – Unconditionally. I actually think this song is sweet and I like that the song is more focused on Perry’s vocals because the production makes her sound bearable this time round. Unconditionally was the song I wanted most to become a bigger hit, but was denied because the public preferred Roar and Dark Horse (blargh).

    5: Sia – Chandelier. See Todd’s explanation.

    4: Idina Menzel – Let It Go. What? What?!

    3: Beyoncé – Partition. I was very excited to see this become a hit in retrospect. I love that the song is actually quiet, Beyoncé’s rapping is wonderful to sing/rap along to, the chorus is nice. It’s only really held out of my Top 2 because of that French bridge near the end, I think it kinda kills the mood though I do know what it was trying to do.

    2: Lady Gaga featuring R. Kelly – Do What U Want. It’s one of ARTPOP’s stand out tracks, and it’s brilliant. If this was Lady Gaga’s last hit (which it probably won’t be), it would be a hell of a send off. I was really grateful for the continued theme of flipping an old song on its head to make a message, however successful. Both Applause and Do What U Want incorporate elements of Poker Face, for the record, the former musically and the latter lyrically.

    1: Lorde – Team. From pretty much the first hearing of this in 2013, I knew Team would end up on my Top 10 for 2014. It stuck with me, and alongside 2011’s Fuck You it’s one of the few of my favourite hit songs of the year that I’d actually call a great song (the others being TiK ToK, Die Young and Applause).

    Honourable mentions for the non-hits.
    Lily’s Allen’s Air Balloon, Hard Out Here and Our Time which would have been #10, #2 and #1 respectively had they had US success.
    Beyoncé’s ***Flawless remix with Nicki Minaj, even if it missed the point of the original song, Minaj has nice flow and the song gains some energy from it. It would have been #8.
    Icona Pop’s Get Lost. If they want to remake I Love It over and over I am in full support of it if they keep making it better each time. Would have been #6.
    Lady Gaga’s G.U.Y.. I am still disappointed in America for not letting this song get big. Sure it has a few dud lyrics but it’s much better than most of the crap the charts were plagued with this year. Would have been #5.
    Beyoncé’s Pretty Hurts. Pretty Hurts is my favourite song off that album which managed to top 4 for being the most boringly titled Beyoncé album. It would have been #3.

  29. I agree with you Todd. I like it when Bruno Marrs is getting his old school jazzy funk on then when he’s doing his other stuff. Treasure is great. This song is great. ( Both make me groove in my seat as soon as I hear them.) Locked Out Of Heaven is pretty good. Although I do like It Will Rain.

  30. #1 is Uptown Funk. Called it.

    Also Chandelier is a terrible song.

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