Tomie: Forbidden Fruit – Backseat Critique

Robyns back to look at a 2002 Junji Ito adaptation requested by a Patron!

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Strangely enough, I hate body horror but I love Tomie and a few other mangas by Junji Ito (The Enigma of Amigara Fault is definitely one of them). I think it’s because there’s always more of a psychological aspect to the scares and gore than just gore for gore’s sake, which honestly makes it more terrifying. There are still some Ito stories I will never read/have regretted reading (Glyceride made me want to vomit and gave me nightmares for 2 days and Uzumaki is way too disturbing for me so I won’t even touch that one with a twenty foot… Read more »

From what I’ve heard from a few Japanese friends, the current issue regarding homosexuality in Japan is that gay relationship are kinda seen as “training wheels” for a “real” relationship. That’s why you see a lot of schoolgirl lesbians, they are expected to outgrow it and get a husband later ( and the same for gay men ). Intersteingly ive also heard this is why sailor Uranus and Neptune in sailor moon were a big deal in Japan, they were adults who didn’t outgrow their lesbianism. Long story short, gay relationships are harmless practise.