Toons These Days Presents Flags

Flags makes its debut on Channel Awesome in celebration of the short’s 10th anniversary.

About Dtoons

Cartoons and animations by Alex Dudley, featuring "Toons These Days", and "Conroy Cat".


  1. Funky music and cool visuals, I’d love to see this done for things like geography or history; just using visuals as good as this to teach you about the world.

    After all, pictures are easier to remember than words and animations are easier than that. Good for teaching 😀

  2. This is a lot harder to memorize than the Nations of the World from Animaniacs…

  3. i dont understand what this is

  4. Part of me wishes there was a captions box naming some of the flags’ countries. A lot of these I haven’t seen before.

  5. I was surprised to see my country’s flag (Singapore) in the video icon, but oddly I couldn’t catch it in the actual animation. Neat animation by the way, interesting to see so many similar variations on the simple shapes (probably the best option, the ones using intricate heralds are just impossible to get a kid to redraw in class).

  6. Missed Greenland, I think

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