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Does Doggy have anything swell to say about American Dad?

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  1. I think American Dad is prety awesome

    • It’s really not. There’s little to no development with the main characters, I can’t remember a time I laughed at a single joke, & it doesn’t mold anything beyond mean spirited. If you like it fine, but it is far from awesome as you can get.

      • Anthony Williamson

        American Dad is actually very well done. Its surreal sense of humor; while, admittedly, a little too quirky to cater to everyone’s taste, never ceases to make me laugh.

        You should really avoid outright denouncing something as crap just because you couldn’t get into it, especially without offering any evidence of it being a lesser show (not having much development isn’t really an issue in a show that doesn’t follow a straight narrative).

    • I agree. It can be really creative (the episode where Jeff meets Roger’s alien race, for example), and feels very different from Family Guy.

      Doggy’s review is incredibly superficial.

  2. American Dad isn’t very different from Family Guy, but the gimmicks used do give it some sort of identity.

  3. Wow this couldn’t be any more wrong. Yeah I mean the initial concept of the show is pretty similar to Family but it’s because they are both borrowing from the same mold (the archetypal sitcom family). But the shows are actually very different, even early on.

    I actually avoided American Dad until this very year because it was made by Seth MacFarlane (though technically he’s only one of the creators). I hated Family Guy and this looked like Family Guy 2.0. I’m assuming you just made the same sweeping surface level judgement I made when you made this video, because when I actually watched American Dad I couldn’t believe how different it was. But not only that I couldn’t believe how funny it was too, and again I hate Family Guy.

    The pop culture references are minimal. They don’t do the random gags and cut aways like Family Guy (or at least not to the extent). The characters are actually fleshed out. The son and daughter (which you didn’t mention) are important to the show and not just the butt of running gags. The fish is nothing like Brian and is barely in the show, where as Brian is a central character in Family Guy. The alien, Roger, has a very unique role in that he can act as essentially any character. The boss is also a minor character. All of these things were established pretty early in the show too, so again it sounds like you either haven’t seen it or have barely seen it. But as it’s gone on it’s only gotten more different than Family Guy. Even the CIA element of the show allows it to have a lot of diversity since it gives the characters access to unique situations for a comedy series. And there’s where a lot of the humor comes from is juxtaposing that with the whole archetypal sitcom family.

    I won’t pretend the show is pure gold or anything. It has a lot of problems. I mean it’s not the smartest comedic premise or anything. But you didn’t even get the premise and totally mischaracterized the show. WTF?

  4. Not a big fan of Seth MacFarlane’s work and everything that’s been said about his work has already been said.

    Love the NC animated character cameo and you should get Doug to voice him in a future episode!

  5. Moviemantweeter1999

    Since you didn’t know the dads voice is Seth MacFarlane. But in that photo of the man getting crushed with an anvil I think that was the critic who actually dropped it on him.

  6. I don’t like Family Guy, but American Dad can be pretty funny. It’s at its best, when they go off in completely unexpected directions.

  7. American Dad couldn’t be more different than Family Guy. The characters have much stronger personalities and are actually fleshed out, the jokes are wittier and better paced (no annoying cutaways either), and the stories can oftentimes be genuinely creative (see “Rapture’s Delight”, “Blood Crieth Unto Heaven”, “Lost In Space”, “Independent Movie”). The show sadly doesn’t get the respect it deserves just because it’s seen as Family Guy 2.0, and that’s a shame. I’m just glad it hasn’t aged horribly over time like MacFarlane’s other series and has been given a new life on TBS. I hope it keeps going for even more years to come!

  8. I like Family Guy and I find American Dad extremely derivative, so I think I agree with the opinion shown on the video.

  9. I’ve long said that Seth MacFarlane is America’s most talented sociopath.

  10. Having rewatched some of the early episodes of American Dad after writing my first message, I think I see what happened. I think you just watched the pilot episode of the show. It is a lot like an early Family Guy episode.

    But shows rarely resemble their pilots (or even their first seasons). Pilots are very rough ideas presentations used to sell the show to the network. Things usually get refined and tweaked after that. It’s very evident in this show.

  11. I will admit I do have a guilt pleasure with American Dad but it did took me awhile to get use to watching it because of those cliches prominent from both Family Guy and The Simpsons. For example, Stan is the bumbling dad trope I’ve seen before and while he isn’t as fat or stupid as Peter Griffin, Homer Simpson, or even Cleveland Brown from The Cleveland Show he still has some of the same personality attributes that do correlate with them. Francine has the stay in kitchen, beloved mother, and supportive housewife trope compared to both Marge and Dexter’s Mom, Hayley Smith is both the Granola Girl and Soapbox Sadie, more akin to Lisa or Brian Griffin. Steve fills in most of the nerdy kid tropes similar to how Lisa, Bobby Hill, Chris and Meg Griffin have. And both Roger and Klaus fill in the roles of both Stewie and Brian. While it’s not a bad television show it has some of the storylines and tropes we’ve seen many times from both the Simpsons and Family Guy. Even though it doesn’t have any cutaway jokes frequent in both Family Guy and Cleveland it’s still has some repetative storylines and scenarios that do get irritating. But nonetheless it does have some good voice acting, particularly Seth Macfarlane and Patrick Stewart, both of Stan and Roger are amazing when their comedic timing is right and Patrick is yucking it up whenever he’s around. I do have a soft spot for the show even though I don’t watch it as much as I use too. And I don’t hate Macfarlane I just wish he comes up with more original material like Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.

  12. I know some people have a hatred for Seth Macfarlane in the similar to how movie goers despise Michael Bay. And while I normally don’t like some of the repetitive they work with weather it’s another Family Guy cookie cutter or another Transformers’ sequel I don’t fully blame them with the material they work because the studios they work with are as much a bigger fault particularly when there is so many executives and writers involved.

  13. American Dad is actually funny……..mostly cause it has different writers than Family Guy.

    Writers who actually try to be funny rather than just try to insult everyone and their mother.

  14. Its a great show. Agree with the guy that said that most pilots are crap.

  15. American Dad! is the best, funniest, most original and most brilliantly written animated sitcom currently on television.

  16. i saw it was barely over a minute long and i thought to myself. this guy is gonna talk out of his ass. and he did!

  17. I grew to hate this show over the years, mostly because the entire cast consists of unsympathetic dickwads.

  18. I haven’t seen American Dad in a while, so I’m not sure if it’s gotten worse over the years like Family Guy has. However, it still seems to have better writing than Family Guy, which at this stage I think is just trying to be as gross and offensive as possible with no context behind it. I never found the Cleveland Show that funny either.

    At least in American Dad, unlike Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane and his writers can inject their liberal political commentary into the series and it doesn’t feel out of place or too forced, as Stan Smith is supposed to be a satire of your average conservative American jingoist, while his daughter is a staunch liberal. I always found Roger quite amusing as well.

    Though like Family Guy the writers could very well screw it up and make it so that you could not like or sympathise with a single character on the show, except for the resident punching bag, like Meg Griffin, who you just feel sorry for.

  19. None of the episodes I saw made me want to watch it, it felt really like Family Guy with different characters. Why isn’t this show and the one with the african-american family in the same universe?

    But hey, you are all commenting and discussing it, so I guess this very short skit has done its job even if you do not agree with Doggy. 🙂

  20. I rather like american dad one of my favourite episodes is camp refugee it was a fun commentary on how we view things like starvation and war in other countries it was even funny to see haley who is one of those collage students who read 1984 and they think they know politics to actually do what people would doin that situation and come on how many people think that what the un does over there

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