Toons These Days: If Elsa Was In Smash Bros

A pilot for a new series where we ask “What if X was playable in Smash Bros.?”

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  1. I would love to see Elsa vs Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat.

    • Sub Zero is skilled as heck, but, honestly, Elsa’s ice powers are just insane. She doesn’t just freeze people, she can create golems, freeze an entire country, slowly kill people with her ice magic, and form walls of frozen spikes that could easily be a straight-up fatality.

      I’d say Elsa would win because she’d be able to shake off any of Sub Zero’s ice moves and zone him out like crazy but, if Sub Zero can get close, it’s hard to say. It would definitely be an interesting fight.

  2. This new idea is fun and all but OH SWEET ODIN I WANT A DISNEY-THEMED SSB GAME!!!

    Think about it! Able to play as characters like Donald, Mickey, Aladdin, Elsa, Stitch, Maleficent, Simba, Woody, Buzz (who will have to increase in size sure) etc would be awesome!!! With Chernabog from Fantasia as the Final Boss of course!

    • Sora from KH, Wreck It Ralph using plenty of Game and Watch type moves, Genie just starts going nuts with transformations and possibly absorbing characters like Kirby to gain new hats…. The chef guy from Rattatouie sending out rodents like Olimar while wailing on people with frying pans……..

  3. Moviemantweeter1999

    I would love to see Elsa in the game along with wreck it Ralph because he had a hit movie so why not. But I think one of Elsa’s powers should be global warming.

  4. Do Batman!
    Or Gilgamesh (from Final Fantasy)!
    Or Gilgamesh (from Fate/Stay Night)!

  5. This Site These Days: Clickbait pisses me off.


  7. That would be impossible since Smash Bros can only allow video game characters, unfortunately.

  8. Yay! Scrooge McDuck is a much more fitting representation of greedy Disney than Mickey 😀

  9. Okay first, there are better alternatives out there for Disney females… I’d even choose Mulan over Elsa, just because she can fight…

    Second, Elsa isn’t a game character, so I feel there’s not even a need to include her in the selection.

    Third, I really feel she’s not original enough or have enough moves to work with in general. I mean, there are tons of characters with ice power who have a better chance in battle.

    • Personally, I’d pick Maleficent. The REAL Maleficent, not the live action version. You’d have the thorns crap as a down special, plenty of magical projectiles or throwing minions with magic for the normal and side specials, up special could be the flame teleport thing, regular attacks and grabs could easily be magic-based, and then you’ve got the dragon form for a Final Smash.

      Although, if we’re talking characters outside of Disney, I’d like to see Greatsword User from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate above anyone else. You have plenty of bombs and other items to potentially use as special moves from Potions to Pit/Shock traps and plenty of stuff for buffs. A leaping attack for his recovery move. And the character could be designed around setting up the opponent before hitting them with powerful charged attacks, mimicking how in the game players are expected to play defensively with a Greatsword before going in for heavy damage when they have the chance.

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