Toons These Days: SheZow (Conroy)

Conroy Cat makes his debut with a follow-up to Doggy’s rant on SheZow!

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Cartoons and animations by Alex Dudley, featuring "Toons These Days", and "Conroy Cat".


  1. Happy 50th episode, TTD!

  2. I really want to do a SheZow/ ZsaZsa Zaturnnah mashup sometime.

  3. Are you switching characters? The Dog is funnier but the Cat is a better reviewer. Of course you can to both. 🙂

  4. I am happy that someone could make a show like this. As said it´s just a “person” needs to learn how to use powers responsible. The only twist is with the crossdressing that do have some development after some episodes. Like Guy (His name is Guy) do get more comfortable with the “girl” part. Not treating it diffrently. Like in one christmast episode Guy and his sister get each one some super duper sleep sack they all wish for, or maybe it was a blanket. Guy get´s the pink one and it is´t mentioned. Yeah that´s awesome. Stop scaring people away from pink. It will not hurt you.

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Shezow’s something probably better for the medea crowd if they like cartoons.

  6. Ok I checked out this show & OMG is this Bad.. I mean seriously Nothing against the cros sdressing ( I watched a few anime just for that) or girlly stuff. But the show isn’t funny or clever with its premise its kinda grating. I’m all up for puns but adding She to everything isn’t funny & gets old fast that alone made a single episode of this thing unbearable =_=’

  7. Well, that’s dumb… -_-

    The other one had me search for this series, download it completely, and start watching it from time to time.
    I wish they done a bit more with the theme of the series, but it’s still good.

  8. Shame that the level of this show is pretty low, it can be ok but you have a very good premise. A kid fulfilling his dream, of being a hero, and helping people in need, despite the fact that his superpower and costume is that of a girl, but i assume they don’t realyy develop on that, and that’s a realyy big shame, cos it would make a good message about how people are so obsessed with whats on the surface, that they don’t care about what’s inside. Would be need if someone remade it.

  9. The Show’s okay I guess.

  10. ILuvGundam2001

    SheZow is a pretty mediocre show from what I’ve watched of it. The concept is good but the execution is terrible. I mean, they make sexist jokes almost every single episode and joke around with SheZow’s power of cross-dressing! That’s pretty offensive and that’s coming from a 15-year-old cisgender lesbian girl who’s favorite anime (Gundam SEED Destiny) contains so much LGBT undertones (Miguel, Heine, and Yzak X Dearka) and a bit of feminism (Lacus Clyne and Lunamaria Hawke)!
    Anyways, SheZow needs a gritty live-action reboot where we dive deep into Guy’s gender confusion and how he redeems himself in society and if they make that, then I’ll buy a ticket the first day it premieres!

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