Toons These Days: Steven Universe

Doggy and Conroy talk about Steven Universe

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  1. Thing is, I can really see the Gem and the Holograms allusion. It really is a great show too.

  2. I’m like 80% sure Doug feels the same about the show as Doggy does.

    • Except Doug doesn’t hate the show, far from it. There are just…some things he’s yet to pick up on. He at least managed to notice the “corrupted Gems were once ‘human’ Gems” before it was confirmed.

      • That’s what I meant. He and Rob also seem to have a difficult time to actually get invested in the show because it has such a laid back pace and fills in the blanks rather crypticaly. Then again, the Vlogs are a side project so they most likely barely have the time to pay attention.

        • Eh, they’re into the last half of the first season now, which has a much denser concentration of plot-advancing and character-developing episodes than the first half. We’ll see. Watermelon Steven doesn’t advance much, but it’s still a pretty funny episode, and then it’s Lion 3, Warp Tour, the Test, Future Vision, and On the Run, all in a row back to back, and I’d be quite surprised if they’re not fully hooked after a string of episodes like that.

          • Yeah, if the description of “On The Run” is not “…. damn” then we can be certain that they aren’t hooked.

            The watermelons might return in an upcoming epsiode. And judging by the title they’ll have conquered an island and made it their domain.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I’m sure doggy will get hate for hating Steven universe but love conroys opinion as always.

  4. I loved the back-and-forth between Doggy and Conroy, it really worked for this specific review 🙂

  5. Funny, but considering some of the ‘hidden meaning’ behind the show (i.e. LGBT Friendly characters [Even Linkara described it as a show about ‘Lesbian Space Rocks’ 🙂 ), it almost seems illegal to hate this show.

    While I don’t particularly hate it, I just never caught on to it the way I did “Avatar, The Last Airbender” or even “Gargoyles”. then again, its not aimed at my age group anyway 9_9

    • Wouldn’t really say that it’s meant for any particular age group. Most cartoons aren’t.

      It is however easy to get thrown off by the show because of it’s format wich is heavily serialized with a strong continuity and made up of stand alone episode at the same time. Meaning that you can watch almost all episodes out of order and get them with having only basic knowledge of the show, but get a much better understanding of them if you’ve watched everything in order, and paid attention to the subtle hints (and outright spoilers) that are dropped in the dialogues, at the same time.

      It’s really weird and on paper it shouldn’t work at all but it does.

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