Toons These Days: The Problem Solverz

Doggy reviews everyone’s favorite visual abomination, The Problem Solverz!

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Cartoons and animations by Alex Dudley, featuring "Toons These Days", and "Conroy Cat".


  1. Okay, THIS is my favorite TTD review now. xD

  2. now this is one odd show

    I don’t think it can be called good, but its history is way too fascinating for me to hate it
    This show is basically what happens when you give a bunch of post-modernist indie underground artists with a manifesto the opportunity to make a mainstream cartoon
    I’m not exaggerating here, that’s exactly what happened

    don’t watch too much of it, or it’ll destroy your eyes
    in small doses, it can be somewhat amusing tho

    also, this show received an epic backlash
    it’s the only show in CNs history that was so hated, the network canceled it without even airing its second season (alto it did receive and on-line release – on Netflix)

    • Robotomy is a CN show that didn’t even last past its first season. 2 episodes weren’t even completed. And it had a 12-episode-long initial run! It was totally hand-drawn with celebrities, making the budget way too big to pay for it.

      Ellen’s Acres was CN’s last preschool girl-aimed show before they decreed they were gonna aim completely toward older boys. It only last 1.5 episodes on TV.

      • It’s a shame about Robotomy, that show debuted with absolutely no promotion. It turned out the show was already canceled because Cartoon Network couldn’t get any foreign networks to pick it up for broadcast.
        Plus it was animated entirely in America, which is more expensive than getting it done in Korea.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    You’ve gone crazy.nice shotgun.ohhhhhhhh nooooo?He has it pointed at me.The creators of this show must have been on drugs or ectasy or somethin i donno

  4. I made the mistake of drinking hot tea while watching this. Ever had hot tea squirt from your nose from laughter? Not a pretty sight.

  5. This is one of the best shows on Channel Awesome. I already watched a lot of episodes on the original web page, but have to watch it here to give it a higher rating 😉

  6. Every time I saw this, all I could think was “Wow… they dropped Sym-Bionic Titan to pick up this shit?”

    It just confirms my theory that CW are ran by monkeys.

  7. I have to say that as someone who followed Paper Rad all through the early 2000s, I even had the Pick a Winner dvd (and the Lightning Bolt Power of Salad (and Milkshakes) dvd which has smidgens of Ben Jones animation on it. I think they just missed their time to shine. If they’d released Problem Solverz earlier it would have been met with a much better reception, but it constantly gets compared to Adventure Time, which admittedly has a better story.

    There is just so much they could have down with this. The entire time I had been hoping they could get a show on Cartoon Network, and when they did it removed a lot of the charm of the original Alfe “shorts” (if you can call them that). I don’t even remember them doing much with Tux Dog, who is actually an open source character, except that he was there. You can go so far with that!

    I’m gonna go press my f25 key and watch some colorful abominations now.

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