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Now Conroy shares his thoughts on Ben 10: Omniverse

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  1. I’m not going to comment on this because I’ve already commented in Doggy’s review and because I’ll be meeting John DiMaggio soon to talk about reviving Batman: Brave and the Bold & giving Lucky Girl her own series.

  2. TooMuchFreeTime

    I haven’t seen this series. I only saw a fair bit of the original, and a couple episodes of w/e the second one was called. Ben 10 was OK but one episode that still baffles me today was a ‘what if’ episode that made no goddamn sense.

    So…Ben is back at the start…but still has his memories, and is the only one who does? Why? Gwen gets the powers instead, OK nice idea…but why does the bad guy show up early this time?

    Can anyone explain it to me?

    • As far as I can tell, the episode was an (intentionally confusing) gag. And no, since it was never referenced again, it isn’t canon.

      • TooMuchFreeTime

        Yeah I figured it wasn’t canon. Unfortunately, ‘intentionally confusing’ is not a good idea for a gag.

      • Although I agree this was originally intended to be a throwaway filler episode, I’m no longer sure it’s non-canon. There’s a couple of episodes in Omniverse (“And Then There Were None” and “And Then There Was Ben”) in which Gwen 10 makes a re-appearance as an alternate dimension version of Ben in a battle where Nox and Professor Paradox (my favorite character of the franchise) gather a bunch of alternate Bens to battle each other over the fate of the only alternate Ben to never have even seen, let alone use the Omnitrix.

        As to this Ben 10 series, the only real problem I had with it is getting use to the cartoony style of animation when the other series had a more “realistic” look to them. It’s only made worse when they keep flashing back and referencing the styles of the older shows in the course of some episodes.

    • The original series did a lot of weird things. Like having a guy who was sworn to protect water from the Fountain of Youth…..and placing the water in a Dunking game at a amusement park.

  3. I still prefer the original show, but this one was OK. It’s heart was in the right place, but it could have been executed much better.

  4. “Better Writing” yeah, i say no. I been following this franchise since day one and i never have been as dissapointed, bored and downright angry with the show as much as i was with omniverse. I even did the same thing that i did with alien force, that being letting the series go on and re watch since the start, Alien Force grew on me, Omniverse got worse. Its full of retcons, ben, gwen and kevin got flanderized, the plots were horrible and the crossovers (like the secret saturdays one) were just wrong. Lets talk about the crossovers for a second, the one ben ultimate alien had with generator rex was smart about it, it took ben and put it in a new setting and let him ajust to the rules of this other place and interact with its characters. The one with the secret saturdays had ben trying to hit on a happily married woman for 22 minutes.

    I dare to say that the only good thing about this series was Rook, if it weren’t because this series was a franchise killer, i would love to see him come back.

    I think you are part of a minority here, wanna hear a little story? Once i was babysitting one of my cousins, when we were watching tv, omniverse was about to start, i braced myself -because he was the one with the controller-, he surprises me by changing the channel and putting kick buttowski, i asked him why did he changed the channel -as every ben 10 series seens to be insanelly popular with 10 years olds-, he told me that he did it because ben was annoying and boring. This was a 10 years old kid, the main demographic of the show.

    There is a reason this was cancelled, and the worst thing is that this will be the one series that killed the franchise

    • Bravo mate! I agree completely. I think the only things that made me watch it were the once in a blue moon interesting concepts (ie temporal consciousness inversion) the fights, rath and rook other than that the show was either painful for one of 2 reasons the dumb retcons that just dumped all over continuity or the painfully dumbed down characters weather it be ben and his laundry list of problems or dumb and dumber Blukic and Driba.

    • Oh man thank you for telling that story. I always wonder if 10 year olds really enjoyed Ben 10 Omniverse and now I know a least not all of them did. Tell your cousin that people on the internet thinks he awesome!

      Yeah nothing pissed me off more with this franchise than BEN 10 OMNIVERSE! GOD AWFUL! He gives it 4 anvils well I give ten pieces of shits. This is my first time watching this guys reviews so I not going say he a bad critic but, I well say that this was probably one of his bad reviews.

  5. better writting uh….no they changed ben’s character into an arrogant tool with no personality just to make jokes one specific example of this was when julie and him broke up off screen over something colosally stupid when we’ve had several episodes from the previous series that developed they’re relation and don’t get me started on the animation and character redesigns oh god that was terrible I can get why you didn’t like the earlier the seasons but dear good saying this is the best one it just hurts man

  6. I couldn’t STAND this show. I hated all of the new characters they introduced in this series, and it’s not even like I was a super fan of the original either.

  7. I wasn’t aware that there were so many series. I watched the original when it was on and one of the following series where Ben and Gwen were a few years older. I didn’t know there were more that came after it.

    Kind of reminds me of Digimon, except the main characters are the same ones for each series, or at least Ben is in this case.

  8. Moviemantweeter1999

    Conroe thought it was good so I’ll probably like it. Convoy also has his own comic series then that’ll probably be my favorite web comic ever!!!!

  9. Sorry but this is a bad review.

    I mean I’ll level with Conroy with his statements about Ben 10 Alien Force and Ben 10 Ultimate Alien when he said they were boring, because he somewhat right. The two series wasn’t as humorous as the first Ben 10 series was. To be fair though, it wasn’t suppose to be funny. If anything Alien Force and Ultimate Alien was trying to make the characters more real and more relatable to teens. Does it accomplish that? The answer is yes! The two series managed to make the Ben, Gwen, and Kevin seem more like teens. How? Well by showing how Ben, Gwen and Kevin have grown since the first series.
    Ben less of goof off and less selfish. By showing he can make better choices like instead of using his powers to get even with his childhood bully’s he just decides to be the bigger man and walk away. Ben also just does things just because he knows it the right thing to do. He doesn’t try to become famous even though that what ends up happening. He try to kept his hero lift a secret to just help people not because he want something out of it.
    Gwen is more mature by taking on more responsibilities and being more caring. And thanks to that the two don’t constantly have childish fight with one another.
    Finally with Kevin they made him well least evil. Yeah they still show that he had a hard time growing up but, wasn’t a bad kid just made bad choices.
    Which over all make the character more relatable and interesting to watch if you asked me. Over all by making the choice to make the characters more teen like instead of childish was a wish choice. Because one most of the fans of the series where probably teenagers by than, and two both series go so well with the first series. Does it have it fair share of problems. Sure, but nothing as bad as argh Omniverse. With some of the changes they made work out to the series advantage. To Omniverse though no. If fact like to believe that this series has nothing to do with Ben 10 series as a whole.

    What wrong with Omniverse is mostly it’s annoying and just flat out boring. One the first thing that this series got totally wrong was the Aliens. THEY WHERE STUPID!!! I mean when you highlight of aliens is made out of legos you know you fucked up. Say all you want about the previous aliens at least they where interesting and cool to look at. These Omniverse Alien where just OH MY GOD! I mean god damn one a chickenhawk, a frog, and Jesus Christ one was a fucking grasshopper. A FUCKING GRASSHOPPER! Not only that there was several Aliens that just were completely useless. The idea of the show is to have the hero turn into Aliens that can save people, not turn into useless pieces of shits. But don’t worry about our Alien being less impressive as the previous Aliens. Well not when you can change there original design and make then look more stupid than your Aliens. They made Big Chill look like he took steroids, and I swear they just rip off of the Crimson Chin design with the Alien X. But according to Conroy this was far better writing than the other three series. Yeah and Hitler was a saint. Just kidding with that last bit.

    Another problem was the crossovers. In Omniverse crossovers was done horribly. With Ben Ultimate Alien and Generator Rex was smart. It did took Ben and put it in a new setting and let him adjust to the rules of this other place and interact with its characters. The one with Secret Saturdays had Ben trying to hit on a happily married woman for 22 minutes. Yeah I couldn’t help but, think of the Stalkin’ Your Mom song from =3. It was just weird. Not to mention this is for kids right? And let’s not forget the stupid cameos they constantly kept throwing at us throughout the fucking series. Like showing Silky from Teen Titian as an Alien French Fries. Or when Grandpa Max was fishing with that other guy and they both catch a Magikarp and Gyarados. RANDOMNESS!!! I mean a least when they did it in Ben 10 they had a reason for the cameo. In Ben 10 Season 4 episode 8 Ken 10 they where celebrating Kenny Ben’s son in the future birthday. And who was there to celebrate his birthday but Billy from the Billy and Mandy show. I mean it was him just as an Alien. Same voice actor and same clothes. And this made pretty funny to see because he was interacting with the main characters. In Omniverse the cameos don’t even interact with the main character they’re just there in the background doing nothing but being random cameos. But as Conroy said better from of writing. Yeah and Cat and the Hat movie with Mike Myers was one of the greatest film of all time.

    But enough about cameos and crossovers. Lets talk about continuity issues. Like I said every series had it fair share of problems but, not as much as Omniverse did. Like for example the one with Ghostfreak or Zs’Skayr. In Omniverse they change Ghostfreak name to Zs’Skayr in Story Arc 5: “Galactic Monsters.” Which was actually a good idea. This way it made it least confusing on whom your referring to Ben or Zs’Skayr. Problem is he only just now released that name to the Ben group. Later in Story Arc 8: “The Time War” episode From Hedorium to Eternity the past Ben and friends start calling Zs’Skayr, Zs’Skayr instead of Ghostfreak. So how does the past Ben know that Ghostfreak changes his name to Zs’Skayr when he only tells them his new name in the future. Sorry Conroy there just no convincing anyone that Ben 10 Omniverse was more brilliantly written than the other series when it can’t even keep it’s own story straight.

    Omniverse for the most part just plan annoying in both hearing and visually as well. The series as a whole instead of taking one step forward it took as least a 100 step back. It constantly kept ripping off of stuff with Dennis the Menace and Thundercats with having Ben 5 & a half and Thunderpig and those were lame joke that younger audience weren’t going to understand. And when you fail to elaborate a joke you know you failed. When it was ripping off of other good shows it was ripping off itself. I mean listen to the theme song intro. It’s particularly the same damn song from the first Ben 10. Which won’t be a thing is the didn’t make it lamer. I mean how came you go from awesome remediable theme song to most forgettable piece of shit. What also probably made there show so annoying was their running gags. Like the one joke where Ben always turns into the wrong Alien. That a joke that got old even for the first series that why in the Alien Force they got rid of it. Sure they brought it back in Ultimate Alien but, they still didn’t do it as often as Omniverse did. The other running gag that was annoying was how Ben always broke stuff. Haha Ben breaks stuff… hmm why that funny? Okay yeah being a superhero usually comes with it’s prices. One being that sometime you can’t keep damage control, but I don’t see how that suppose to be funny.

    Sorry Conroy this in my opinion was an epic fail on your part. Especially when your only defense is the original series did a lot of weird things. Like having a guy who was sworn to protect water from the Fountain of Youth…..and placing the water in a Dunking game at a amusement park. Again like I said the original had problems but, not as much as Omniverse did. I can understand if you don’t like the Ben 10 series, but saying you liked the one of the worst written out of the series really makes me think twice to even watching any of your other reviews. But this is my first time watching your reviews so I going to give you the benefit of the doubt here and just amuse you made a mistake.

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