Toons These Days with Conroy – Pokemon

Now it’s Conroy’s turn to talk about Pokemon!

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Ive not watched Pokemon since the first five episodes of the current season but I don’t think I will catch up on it. But I will catch up on digimon and plus it’s on Netflix.

  2. I think that my main issue with pokemom. It like the simpsom they never grew up or change after a few years you sort of eeh and get tire as they isn’t any story arc. if i wanted to see cartoon with no story arc i watch looney toons

  3. Three Degrees of Bacon

    Love the Digimon shoutout. Is that a hint for an upcoming review? Or maybe that’ll be held off for the release of Digimon Adventure Tri.

  4. Conroy said everything I ever thought about Pokémon.

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