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ERod counts down the least wonderful moments from Tim Burton’s last trip to Wonderland.

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  1. Michael Blaylock

    Haven’t seen it, don’t wanna, but thanks for finally pointing out the queen’s freakish head.

    • The large head was actually pretty close to Tenniel’s depction of the queen. However what looks good as an illustration doesn’t always translatewell to real life… so yeah it was a dumb choice

  2. Live action Alice in Wonderland is one of my guilty pleasures. Sure it’s not very good but I just can’t get myself to hate it even with it’s major flaws and I am able to enjoy it when ever I watch it. Then again before I saw it first time I had heard lot of bad about it so my expectations when I did see it were very low so it turned out that it was not as bad as everyone had said it to be.

  3. I honestly wish that Tim Burton would stop casting Johnny Depp. He’s a great actor, but he saps the life out of movies he’s in.

  4. Tim Burton isn’t even the director for Alice through the looking glass. This shows you how much it is going to suck.

    • He wasn’t the director of the original film, either. So it could have been good… but, unfortunately, I haven’t heard much good about it.

  5. This video was getting so much lag. I like this one better than the animated one. I liked the first one because that was because it was so stupid and so beautifully visual. I liked the futterwacking, too. Although, this video does make me realize that this movie has a lot of plot holes. I still like it though.

  6. Quite funny that you refer to the Knave of Hearts as the Heart of Knaves 🙂

  7. Actually, Wonderland is stuck in a time loop. In the book, the Mad hatter offended time by accident and the time decided to stop.

    The story of Alice in Wonderland is supposed to be pointless, there is no reason why this movie should exist.

  8. i can’t believe it did well enough to get a sequel

  9. I don’t think the fact that Alice is a chosen one and defeats the Jabberwooky isn’t an error of the movie – quite the opposite actually.
    Alice in Wonderland always has been a daydream, or you could argue, that it’s upon the reader/viewer to decide, if it’s a dream or not. So yes, of course Alice keeps telling everyone that it’s a dream, she’s probably right with it!
    And once you see the movies under this aspect, that Alice is dreaming and tries to make sense of her hardships in life with these dreams, a lot of things start to make a looot of sense.
    As a child, Wonderland was full of wonders, happiness, but also weirdness. It was a childs mind after all.
    Now, as an adolescence, she has a lot of bad stuff going on. She’s expected to marry, all the other adults around her fail to understand her and put pressure on her – no wonder her dreams, and thus Wonderland, becomes dark. No wonder she pictures the evil queen, the villain in her story, as ugly, stupid and blind. No wonder she wants to dream of being the important key figure in a story, that makes her defeat absolute evil. No wonder everyone becomes her friend – because that’s what she wishes for in her real life.
    The wonderland dreams of her have a deep meaning for herself. They help Alice as a guidance and as a, well, kind of therapy. Wonderland became dark after her father died and no one wanted to believe her dreams. But when she saved Wonderland, she saved herself as well, gaining the strength and confidence to stay true to herself and to go her own way, as a woman in a time, where women weren’t expected to talk and walk freely and do their own businesses, without a man at her side.
    Once you start to connect the dots, the movie gets very clear and kinda clever as well, so yeah, I’m looking forward to the sequel 🙂

  10. this movie wasn’t that bad it was pretty good

  11. In the book, Alice is the one of the very few humans drawn with a normal size head, probably because she’s native to the real world. (It was illustrated by a newspaper cartoonist, so there’s that)

    The queen is a bit like Lumiere; there question is not “why does that candle have a French accent?” It’s “Why do so many people in France have American accents?”

  12. TragicGuineaPig

    Alice in a video game: I would have gone with footage or at least music from the America McGee games.

    • TragicGuineaPig


    • TragicGuineaPig

      Actually, I would have drawn the parallel with Eowyn from LOTR. After all, she beheaded a fell beast with a sword, and was the one prophesied to kill the Witch-King of Angmar.

  13. i dont agree about the video game thing .. i see where you are going but .. naa …now the hobbit the battle of the five armies ..That was like a video game

  14. 16:58 man its obvious Disney just wanted a second narnia..they have done that with some other films of their

  15. Acetylsalicilique

    So… Fighting a giant monster with a sword is considered as a Harry Potter rip-off now ? …=/

    • TragicGuineaPig

      You have to admit, it’s not the kind of thing you would expect from Alice in Wonderland. Personally, I think the parallels to Eowyn from LOTR are a bit stronger, but I can see where he’s coming from. Alice in Wonderland is supposed to feel like a weird dream or an acid trip; it’s not supposed to have a coherent overarching battle of good vs. evil, and yet that’s what Burton/Disney tried to give us. In reality, there didn’t really need to be any kind of epic battle at all.

  16. No, that’s nor a remake. At all. At best it’s a sequel. They kinda make that abundantly clear within the film itself.

  17. Waking up after pinching yourself? Doesn’t always work. Not supposed to feel pain in a dream? Yeah man, you can. Been there, done that. Have you not?

  18. “I don’t want an explanation for the Hatter!” “I want an explanation for the queen’s head!” Sounds standard in many of your vids. Um, incidentally, claiming that the queen’s head in illustrations is proportionate after showing that pic where it most clearly is NOT proportionate (look at that arm. Just look at it. Proportionate? I’m don’t think that word means what you think it means….) may not be the best way to get your point across.

  19. So it’s odd that the events happening inside her head as a hallucination, or interdimentional travel that seems to pander to her (recall the first film’s pandering to the character?) have her as “the chosen one”? Uh…. I don’t think you understand how a personal fantasy works….

  20. This Wonderland – oops, UNDERLAND – has its problems, but it could have still been decent if it weren’t for its lazy, cliched script by Linda Woolverton. That’s right, the woman who wrote Beauty and the Beast brought us this (and Maleficent too, URRRGGHH…) People blame Tim Burton for this movie’s messes, but he only agreed to direct it so he could do his stop-motion version of Frankenweenie.

    Also, Sin #0.5 – You get the great late Sir Christopher Lee to voice the Jabberwock…and you have him say only three lines before Alice cuts his tongue out. WASTE. OF. TALENT. (Same goes to Michael Gough, who played the Dodo. It was his last role before he passed away and he only says a few things in the first act before being pushed aside for more boring Alice.)

  21. Ogre Samanosuke

    I pretty much hated this movie, because I loved the animated original. The only redeeming part I enjoyed was Stephen Fry’s Chesire Cat.

  22. The Raid vs Dredd? But one’s an Indonesian martial arts police action movie and the other’s a more typical shoot ’em up with a clever explanation for the slow motion scenes that’s generally superior to the film it’s a remake of.

  23. Chancellor Dongalor reference? You’re my hero you know.

  24. The whole Jabber-Walky (correct me if I misspelled the name) feels like a complete rip-off of Rumpelstiltskin/The Dark One from Once Upon A Time.

  25. You only forgot that Wonderland is now called Underland!! 🙂

  26. The term “mad as a hatter” comes from the fact that hatters regularly worked with mercury, which poisoned their minds. Apparently the side effects of mercury poisoning were tremors, pathological shyness, and irritability. Here’s a whole wiki page on it:

    So the explanation of the Mad Hatter’s Madness has always been front and center in his name.

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