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Counting down the top 10 best cover songs in rock.

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  1. Can’t disagree enough about that Sound of Silence cover. I’m no disturbed fan but my distaste for that cover goes beyond just not being a fan of the band. Everything is so utterly overblown and melodramatic and it’s just… Like it’s up there with Limp Bizkit’s cover of Behind Blue Eyes for covers that just completely miss the point of the original composition. But besides that, great list dude! I think without accounting for personal tastes 1 and 2 should really objectively be everyone’s 1 and 2 even if it’s in a flipped order

    • Just listened to it. It would say it is not overblown enough. It has none of the highs of the original. It is more subtle, but for such an emotional over the top number of feels, being understated is against the entire point.

    • Not everyone is going to like a song, cover or not. For most it does what great covers do – take a song and adapt to how that band/artist would do it, change arrangement, vocal delivery and a host of other things. In that respect it’s a great cover. I don’t think anyone could credibly claim it’s better than the original, but that’s not the point of covers.

  2. I always liked Il Nino’s Cover of Faith No More’s “Zombie Eaters” /w Chino from The Deftones

  3. Would Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt count?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I posted this about half way through the video. I Hung My Head should also be on the this list

  4. lilith_ascennding

    So glad to see the “Sound of Silence” cover on here! While the original Simon and Garfunkel piece will always be my favorite, I was pleasantly surprised with how moving Disturbed’s performance of the song was. I actually teared up while listening to it for the first time. Also, I had no idea that “I Love Rock and Roll” was a cover! Guess that shows how great of a song Joan Jett’s cover is XD. Also, now I know that “Hurt” was the song playing in the Logan trailer, so thanks for helping me out with that! I loved that song so much but I had no idea where to even begin looking for it. I’ll be listening to that one a lot for a while :).

  5. I would put Manfred Mann’s cover of Springsteen’s “Blinded By The Light” over several songs on this list. Maybe not deserving of the Top 10, but I think Judas Priest’s cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Green Manalishi” is really good.

    Great to see “Whiskey in the Jar” on here.

    I did not know Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock N Roll” was a cover.

    I’m going to basically declare myself a musical heathen by stating that I prefer U2’s cover of “All Along The Watchtower” to Hendrix’s. I wont disagree with anyone about Jimi’s guitar skills, but I don’t care for his singing.

    “Twist and Shout”…eh. It was really popular in its day, but I’ve never really liked it.

    Total agreement with the #1 on this list. It’s not just Cash’s outstanding delivery and how unlikely it seems for him to have covered NIN, but knowing Cash’s life story I’d bet that song probably spoke to him about as deeply as a song can. It’s an intensely personal cover.

  6. Like they say, opinions are like…something something.

    I have a few deep disagreements on some of your picks, but fully agree on others. Smashing Pumpkins Landslide was an unexpected good pick, also Nirvana’s Bowie cover is one of my favorites.

    – I’m probably in the minority in hating Disturbed’s cover of Sounds of Silence. I find it gaudy and overblown, losing the moody tone and dreamlike quality for melodrama.

    – When the Levee breaks is one of my favorite Zeppelin songs, and I just don’t think that Perfect Circle cover comes close. The groovy mesmerizing guitar and harmonica, along with Bonham’s powerhouse drums, and Plant’s gritty vocals are hard to beat.

  7. Here are some picks for my favorite covers:

    – Monster Magnet – Venus in furs (orig: Velvet Underground)
    – Echo and the Bunnymen – People are Strange (orig: The Doors)
    – Red Hot Chili Peppers – Higher Ground (orig: Stevie Wonder)
    – Faith no More – Easy (orig: Lionel Ritchie)

  8. Cradle of Filth – Temptation. Nuff said

  9. TheSuicidalTeddybear

    Most picks were sooo obvious, but then you also had Maynard James Keenan there. Seeing my idol in the list truly opened my eyes for at least a second. Well played!

  10. Aw, I like Alien Ant Farm’s Smooth Criminal 🙁

  11. I immediately knew what number one would be. One of the greatest songs of all time. I agree that the NIN live version is also awesome.

    I must disagree about A Perfect Circle, though. I don’t like their version of Levee at all, while the Zep version is one of my favorite songs.

  12. And I cannot agree about Metallica’s cover of Whiskey in the Jar. The music sounds like it belongs in a video game and the video just doesn’t fit. Thin Lizzy does a much better job. Of course it helps them being Irish.

  13. 3. Eh, see to me the Beatles version is just ‘meh’, while the Isley Brothers version is the definitive interpretation, even Lennon himself admitted they only covered it because they loved the Isley Brothers version and even copied the “woooooh” from their version, which they of course, borrowed from Chubby Checker. Evidence of just how influential the Isley’s were, and worth more than a footnote, I say!

    As for number one…

  14. “Knocking, knocking on heaven’s door”
    Quoth the raven, nevermore

  15. I think you should do an episode of Theory of a Deadman.

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