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Angryjoe Counts down the Top 10 BEST Games of 2016!

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  1. This is the first best of 2016 list I’ve seen that didn’t put Overwatch at Number 1 (except for Jim Sterling, who excluded it for microtransactions in a 60$ game).

    I’d love to get some of these games if I ever get a Playstation 4.

  2. God AngryJoe, fuck off on your knowledge over such games like Final Fantasy. I watched you play on Twitch and you were PATHETIC. You couldn’t even understand how to summon the Astrials correctly in FF15. Also, the fact that you were so easily distracted by the car mechanics and actually got stuck (despite the fact that you could easily have Cindy tow your car for 100 gil) goes to show how little you paid attention to the mechanics of the game.

    Also, fuck off on the whole “FF13 isn’t the best representation of Final Fantasy nonsense”. That game is one of the 5 that all beginners should play (FF4, FF6, FF7, FF10 and FF13) in order to get into the franchise. It is far more of a bigger representation of the series than FF15. FF15 is much more of a hardcore fan game with questionable decisions made (like FF9).

    PS. That music you bitched about has been some of the most memorable instrumental music in the franchise. But again, because you didn’t play the basic 5 (4, 6, 7, 10 ,13) you missed out on a whole lot of good right there.

    • FF4, 6, and 7 are the only ones necessary on that list of five. After 7, the series got stale, and by 13, it was total garbage. 15 looks interesting, and I’ve heard mostly good things about it. But as someone who’s been playing Final Fantasy since the NES/Gameboy days, as soon as I hear someone say that 13 is worth playing or even important to the franchise, I tune them out completely.

      • Lets not exaggerate. I would not even comment Heart-Lightning puberty outbreak, but you also are quite ignorant about franchise.

        FF1 – Simplistic but still great game. It start it all..
        FF2 – Gameplay is questionable, but it was first game with complex story with really interesting twist. As it is unlikely that most people would ever play it (SPOILER) we play with the fixed team through whole game, until on end one of members surprisingly split from team.. and is revealed to be a villain.. on NES i remind.
        FF3 – Team was taken by surprise when SNES show up and as such they basically abandon it releasing what they made. But game-play is quite solid.. just game lack of proper epic story even if it introduced summons.
        FF4 – Until today one of best games in franchise. Main trick was swing of cast in the story, as it was before switching cast was invented. Anyway it is from when series was ultimately associated with protagonist death.
        FF5 – Something go wrong.. technically gameplay is good, but no one like it. Mostly doe to lackluster story.
        FF6 – Still considered as best Final even and for a reason. Great gameplay, great characters and great story.
        FF7 – Game with rough development after Square split with Nintendo. For some weird chance it worked and it is still one of the best. I hope that upcoming remake would solve technical issues.
        FF8 – Is also grat game. Yes it has over-complicated gameplay but if someone would be capable to survive it, story in fact is quite good.
        FF9 – I would compare it to FF2.. great story but hard to get, especially after they move from edgy-magic-punk to classic designs. Still a great game, just not for all tastes.
        FF10 – I hate it but after future fall of franchise it become last “good” game in it. Decent story and gameplay, just questionable stylistic decisions of the creators.
        FFX-2 – WTF?
        FF11 – Why the hell they didn’t make MMO’s in separate sub-series.. blank number for my.
        FF12 – One of the worst games in franchise.. it simply didn’t feel like FF.
        FF13 – I see where they intend to go but they screw gameplay. Story overall is not that bas as people claim.
        FFXIII-2 – Why they made those?
        FF14 – Another MMO.. people say that quite good.
        FF15 – Final Fantasy is back! Great story, good gameplay.. they clearly try take back fans before franchise finally die. High hopes for the future, but no more “-2” games in future please.

        There is also several weird spin offs but I don’t even get why them made those on the first place?

  3. 27:31 – OH THE HUMANITY!

  4. The only game I bought in 2016 was Minecraft: Story Mode. Haha. Your #10 looks fun. The music in #9 sounded good to me. I may buy that one… maybe. #8 isn’t quite my thing even though it looks kinda fun. #7 isn’t my thing either but the music sounds awesome. #6 looks fun but I’m so limited on money, I’m not sure I’d want to spend money on it. I’m neutral on #5 and #4. #3 and #2 isn’t my thing so that would be a skip. I would buy Uncharted 4 if I had ever finished Uncharted 3.

  5. You credited BETHESDA for Doom, without even mentioning ID? The fuck, dude? Bethesda was just the publisher. And they’re probably responsible for the shitty multiplayer, too. Fucking ID developed the best single player FPS in a decade, not Bethesda.

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