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The Top 10 BEST Games of 2015 according to AngryJoe!

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  1. I’m not entirely convinced Fallout 4, or any Bethesda title really, should even count as a game until the modders have had at least six months with the SDK.

  2. Great list Joe. I should probably check out your #1 since all my friends are saying it’s so good.

    I honestly would have tied #2 and #3, but #3 just feels like more of a complete game where in #2, I did nearly all the missions, saw about 3 of the endings and still feel it wasn’t complete due to it being rushed.

    I’m REALLY interested in #9. Maybe I’ll get it later today. 🙂

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Great episode love the fanboying out and I bet all of your fans saw that witcher 3 was gonna be number one(even me). Totally will tell my dad to buy witcher 3 and I’ll totally check our lets plays of any of the games on this list

    • lilith_ascennding

      I know! Undertale is totally GOTY material! Maybe Joe hasn’t played it yet?

    • I absolutely *adore* Undertale, and it’s my personal favorite game of the year, but it doesn’t feel like something Joe would be into, nor something that’s more broadly GOTY material. It makes perfect sense that it’s not on the list.

  4. I don’t know how I feel about the new “gritty” Tomb Raider. I was surprised to see Party Hard and Broforce on your list.

  5. Well… 5-10 were refreshing and showed a healthy indie scene and a departure from the same-old annual franchises and FPS me-too games…Rocket League and Rise of the Tomb raider were nice picks.

    #4 Mortal Kombat – Never got the appeal, probably never will. this one seemed a little more DLC money grabbing then usual, but whatever.

    Then we got to 1-3, and as soon as he said “it could be any of three”…I knew Joe was going to do the extremely safe and predictable thing, and give those spots to the massively overhyped open world games.

    I’m sure Joe was sincere with these picks, but… seems like he’s not immune to hype.

  6. Until Dawn and Life is Strange are my personal favourites of 2015

  7. +1 to “did you play Undertale?” because I don’t know anyone whose done one of these lists who has played it who hasn’t put it on their top 10 of the year at the least.

  8. headsaregonnaroll98

    Thank God, no Undertale.

  9. ( 21:44 ) It’s also still crippled with an OBSCENE (and shameful) amount of bugs, glitches, and other general frustrating stupidities too…

  10. So, can we get Mortal Kombat X on both the best and worst list? Because there’s a valid argument to put it on the Top List, but there’s an Equally Valid argument to put the PC Version of the game on the worst list for being an inferior port and now an Outdated Legacy edition missing out on a fairly significant amount of content. All in less than a year as well! That’s worse than the Marvel VS Capcom 3 to Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 in my mind.

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