Top 10 Ghostbusters Episodes that would have made a Great 3rd Movie

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    In retrospect, calling the cartoon “The REAL Ghostbusters” is very appropriate considering the recent film release.

    (Yeah, I know; it was meant to distinguish it from the Filmation live-action series with the two gangsters and a gorilla, which was also cartooned).

    I like the PPG version of the Boogie Man: a disco-suit wearing, Barry White-voiced monster whose plan to take over the world involved a giant Death Star Disco Ball. (Man, the 70s refs in that show were just plain EPIC!).

    9:58 – Couldn’t you have gotten Mr. Lovecraft to make a cameo to maybe give his thoughts on the episode?

    A female Ghostbuster never bothered me, either. But the sheer stupidity of the recent film DID. But since every discussion about the recent film always seemed to be steeped in sexist accusations, it seemed that intelligent discussion about the film’s merits (or lack thereof) pretty much impossible. Somehow, the statement, “This film looks dumb,” got translated into, “Women can’t be Ghostbusters; they need to take off the Proton Packs and their shoes, and get back into the kitchen to make me a sandwich and start pumping out babies!”

    My take on female Ghostbusters: they should have had the old crew getting old and wanting to retire. Jeneane is a full-fledged Ghostbuster, having taken over when Egon was killed in action. Venkman, Winston, and Ray then assemble a new crew of Busters, which would include other females. They then turn the torch over to them after a big rousing adventure with them.

    And isn’t that what we really wanted to see in a new Ghostbusters film? The REAL Ghostbusters kicking ectoplasmic butt again? Frankly, having them show up in the film But Not Be Ghostbusters In The Very Franchise They Created made no sense to me. Ne crew members? Absolutely! But give us the old crew in action as well. That’s what we wanted; not this alternate reality Rule 63 version. But if Venkman, Ray, Winston, and (yes, include her too) Jeneane are the REAL Ghostbusters, then what is the right adjective to apply to the crew from the recent film? It escapes me at the moment.

    • handsomefatman

      I love how defensive these “it wasn’t sexism” walls of text always sound, and double-love how when they suggest an alternative to the 2016 film, it’s almost always monstrously terrible.

      And by love I mean something decidedly different.

      Anywho, I grew up on Ghostbusters, the film and *both* animated series (Real and Filmation). The 2016 film doesn’t need changing; mens’ attitudes towards women protagonists do.

      • TragicGuineaPig

        Or you’re just creating a strawman and not actually addressing the real points I’ve made. And I just LOVE strawman arguments.

        • You’ve made zero “real points,” so there’s no likeness for me to model a strawman after.

          • TragicGuineaPig

            Yes. Several as a matter of fact. Starting with the fact that the movie just wasn’t good, regardless of the gender of the protagonists. Second, that what Ghostbuster fans really wanted to see was Ray, Venkman, and Winston with the proton packs again. That’s not what the fans got.

            And more importantly, you began your post by accusing me of thoughts and attitudes that you can only read into my post (eisegesis), because you most certainly cannot deduce them from what I’ve actually said. In other words, you look at what I’ve written and impose your own assumptions on it rather than letting it speak for itself. But since you are not me, and you do not appear to be a telepath, then it isn’t even possible for you to know what I’m thinking apart from me actually telling you. And since what you say are my thoughts and feelings don’t match my actual thoughts and feelings, then I can safely assume you are not a telepath. Therefore, you are wrong. And therefore, you lose any credibility you had in this discussion. You most certainly are not going to convince me that I harbor ideas or feelings that I know I do not have. And considering that all you have to base your case on is accusations of thought crimes, it really means you have nothing with which to convince anyone else of my presumed guilt.

            So basically, just take your nonsense and go someplace else. You aren’t convincing and are coming across as an obnoxious white knight.

          • How childish to claim he made no points.

            The reality is, you just couldn’t respond to them since your only interest is to troll and push an agenda. You lose this “debate” because the facts just aren’t on your side. Sorry.

          • TragicGuineaPig

            That’s the problem with thought crime accusations: as soon as they are made, the defendant is presumed guilty, and the burden of proof is on the defendant rather than the accuser. That’s the exact opposite of the way it should be.

            If Mr. Handsomefatman had been able to point to anything I said that was actually sexist, he might have been able to build at least a tenuous case. But as it is, he could only make the accusation based on the fact he didn’t like what I had to say, or maybe the fact I dared to say it at all. Ergo, I’m guilty of thought crimes. Without trial, without defense (in fact, even the offering of defense proves guilt – seriously, this is ridiculous).

            At some point, we need to quit the false accusations and deal with the real issue: and the real issue is an awful film.

          • Lol, handsomefatman.. if you didn’t noticed it was film what was sexist on the first place, with straight gander-flick story and retarded male buster.

            When in original series as “sexist fanboys” point out they secretary was hardcore and there were female busters already in cartoons. So that never was a issue.

            They simply have doubts about this movie direction, but then army of femi-nazi and SJW’s jump in action and start sexist accusations instead ever addressing real issues bring by the fans.

            Saddest part is that even movie creators did admit that they deliberately start controversy, but they regret that now, as they were unaware that it has such large fallowing and this move closed door for the sequel.

      • Interesting. In video games, TV shows, Movies, and novels, I’ve always had a great love for well-written, clever, strong mentally and physically female protagonists.

        But I didn’t like the new Ghostbusters reboot because it wasn’t funny or made by people that cared about or respected the source material, so my attitude is the problem? – Sounds legit.

      • Oh, dear Lord, THIS again?!! I thought that stupid controversy had died by now. When will it be possible to have someone post a video on this movie without a ridiculously long and pointless “misogyny vs haters” quarrel starting? I mean serously, it’s been nearly a year now, you might want to move on!

        That movie bombed, and not everyone who disliked it was a misogynist. Get over it.

  2. To be honest The Real Ghostbusters version of the Cthulhu is really kiddified in many ways compared to how he is in Lovecraft’s stories. Besides Ghostbusters would had lost they sanity several times over while fighting him.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      Let me see if I can get this straight: Venkman, Egon, and Ray LOSE sanity? I can see Winston losing sanity, but as the old saying goes, “Can’t squeeze blood from a turnip.”

      But you are right about this: Chthulhu isn’t the kind of entity that you can really beat. He’s not a ghost or supernatural being; he’s essentially a multi-dimensional alien. On a literary level, he’s a physical manifestation of cosmic indifference; Chthulhu doesn’t care about you because you’re not significant enough to care about.

    • Well, it was a show directed mainly at kids and tweens…so…

  3. I can think of one thing better than all these episodes:
    The Grundel.

    The single creepiest, most disturbing Ghostbusters villain in the entire series, it was essentially the embodiment of pedophilia. It targeted and corrupted children, turning them into other grundels like itself. And it is also the only Ghostbusters villain that made the transition from the original series to the Extreme Ghostbusters.

  4. handsomefatman

    I love how there are still comments about how the backlash against the new Ghostbusters film “wasn’t about sexism.”

    Yeah, it was. It was almost entirely about hating that women were in the lead of a franchise dominated by men, combined with terrible male fans’ rose-colored memories of the original films (which weren’t anything special) and the animated series (which was great but still isn’t hurt by the 2016 film).

    • TragicGuineaPig

      I just LOVE how you pretend to know what’s going on inside people’s heads, to the point that even when they tell you, you can dig past what they say and construct what you think they really mean and feel.

      This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a Strawman Argument: this “handsomefatman” isn’t really addressing any real points being made, but instead attributing all the criticisms to this imagined feeling of hatred. With just a slight dash of Ad Hominem, with the presumption that if you can attribute thought crimes to your opponent, it means you can just dismiss what they say out of hand.

      This is why these kinds of discussions always devolve into accusations rather than proceeding to anything meaningful. Because when you pretend that you’re looking inside someone’s head when it is clear to that person that you’re not, then you lose all credibility.

      • More than likely, this “handsomefatman” doesn’t really care about the Gostbusters franchise, but really just wants to troll and push an agenda.

        Oh, and yes…he is beating that strawman really hard. I’m actually a really big fan of Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon as a long time SNL nerd going back to Gilda Radner and Jane Curtain (on old Nick at Night!)

      • Not a two way convo. Thanks.

        • In other words: You really don’t have a proper response, so you’ll pretend to dismiss and claim I’m not a part of the conversation (on an open discussion board) even though you’ve responded to every one of my posts.

          Face it, you just want to wag your finger at people for not liking the same thing you like. It makes you feel better to call them sexist to justify your closed-minded opinion.

    • Now that the movie is out and had it’s run in theaters, and we all know how mediocre and lacking the charm of the original it really is, the only people left defending it are paid shills for the media licensing company, and people that don’t actually care about Ghostbusters, but want to push an agenda or troll.

      Which are you?

      • Not dignifying that.

      • TragicGuineaPig

        Exactly, Chicken Puppet. By any standard, other than “It has women in it”, this film was awful. Not even all the white knights in the nation could save it from being shelved; that should tell you something right there about it’s actual quality. Sounds to me like what really needed to change about this movie isn’t the male demographic’s attitude, but rather the quality of work the filmmakers put into the film itself.

        • It’s ironic…we’ve had disagreements over stuff on this website in the past, but we agree when we see a troll trying to push an agenda using a flimsy strawman.

          Why don’t these crusaders show up when people hate the Resident Evil movies?… Because they are also terrible (and I love Mila Jovovitch and Michelle Rodriguez!)…seems suspect to me.

    • I wouldn’t deny that a lot of backlash against the reboot was from straight-up sexism, but it also was a genuinely awful, stupid, disappointing movie. I would think that people would be upset that the talented female actors were given a terrible script to work with, but instead they seem obsessed with insisting that the film was good. If all the Ghostbusters were male, the reboot would still be a sucky movie. The backlash wouldn’t be as strong, but it would still be despised by fans of the original.

      • TragicGuineaPig

        And that is a very insightful understanding of the situation. There are real cases of sexism out there, but it seems that people waste a lot of time and effort leveling those accusations at any and all critics of the film, rather than at those who are actually espousing those ideas.

      • As someone who fallow MovieBob who has tendency to detect those things early, I can say one thing.. most of sexist trolling come out after SJW’s start accusing fans of sexism, simply because sexist trolls deliberately fallow them.

        At the beginning fans only bring they doubts about fact that all-female team appear to be gander-flick move. But then SJW’s and feminist extremist start accusing them of sexism even if in reality fans accuse justly movie of it (what later was confirmed), what only show how SJW’s lack understanding of the subject they defend.

        (this same goes with infamous Gamer-Gate where police proved that Zone Quinn forged threats against her, when most of original accusations were regard quality of her game what she deflect using own gander as protection)

      • The Real Silverstar

        This. Too many people immediately jump to the characters’ gender (“Eeek! Cooties!!”) as the reason why this film received so much hate, when for many it was simply the fact that the studio dared to try to pull it off with Ghostbusters other than Venkman, Stanz, Spengler and Zeddmore. To many fans Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston are the Beatles of paranormalists and therefore *any* replacements for them was going for them was going to be seen as blasphemous. If the new team had been 4 guys or even co-ed, the film still would’ve been hated just because they weren’t the originals. There was also the fact that the studio opted to make this a reboot without any on-camera acknowledgement of the original team beyond a few Easter egg cameos; at the very least they could’ve depicted the surviving Ghostbusters passing the torch to the new Busters in a single scene. Not including the original members in any capacity just came off as a big middle finger to the franchise to a lot of people. Gender had nothing to do with it.

        • So what about Extreme Ghostbusters? Obviously without original team it wouldn’t be this same, but you sound here as some pesky teen whiner what can’t accept anything new. I presume that for most normal people new teem was something obvious, with old passing the torch. And as such bringing it as issue is stupid. Reboot has way more issue sten nostalgia blindness of fan-boys and you don’t help here.

          • TragicGuineaPig

            Actually, above, I think I outlined a good way to do it and still be true to the spirit of the franchise: just have Jeanine recruit a new team. Winston, Venkman, and Ray train them, and let the new team do all the work. You could even have the new team be predominantly female. Then, maybe when the new team gets into something a little over their head, the old team steps in to lend a hand at just a crucial moment, but ultimately, the new team saves the day. And there is much rejoicing. YAY! Old team retires, and Jeanine ends up in charge of the new team.

            From what I understand, isn’t that pretty much what happened with Extreme? Egon formed a new team while the old team was out of action, but at some point, the old team and the new team band together to take out a powerful threat? I never actually watched the show, but I seem to remember reading that something like that happened.

          • Yeah, I saw a few episodes of Extreme Ghostbusters. The team was ultra super diverse with a Latino male, African American, a girl, and a white guy in a wheelchair.

            I think Egon and Janine mentored them. Also, a cartoon spin off series isn’t the same as a full blown feature film reboot with no subtitle…this was to be considered the new definitive Ghostbusters…no sequel number or subtitle.

    • Oh for fuck’s sake. STILL with this shit??!!

      People like you were more polarizing than the movie itself. look; it had OK effects and action but the jokes sucked. And the worst jokes were written by a man and delivered by Thor. The saxaphone gag for example.

    • I’m a woman and I didn’t see it because the trailer looked like shit.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      And here is yet another perfect example of why this “handsomefatman” person is wrong: Wonder Woman. I myself, as well as several other male fans, are really looking forward to the Wonder Woman film. We like the character, and think she deserves a great film. As I said on the Angry Joe trailer review, she deserves a GREAT film, and not just a GOOD one. But at the same time, we’re also concerned that DC is going to mess it up somehow, just like they have (at least to some degree) with their recent treatments of Superman and Batman. So we have good reason to be concerned. But it has nothing to do with our love of the character; we want a Wonder Woman movie to succeed; we want this historic heroine to get the big screen treatment she deserves.

      So, then, exactly how is it sexist of us to feel like the new Ghostbusters failed miserably to do that with that franchise? It didn’t give the old team the treatment it deserved, and it most certainly did not give a female team the treatment it would have deserved.

      In my estimation, if this is the kind of treatment that a team of female Ghostbusters gets, then women themselves ought to be offended. Because they could have treated the franchise and fans with due respect and given us an iconic new team; instead, they made something people largely despise. And if this is the kind of thing that a gender-swapped Ghostbusters looks like, then what does that mean we can expect from future gender-swapped characters or films?

      My point: the real issue is that female protagonists deserve better portrayals in films. Trying to defend a bad film because of female protagonists does a grave disservice both to other female protagonists as well as to film in general.

      I hope that Wonder Woman gets a great film. She deserves it.

  5. The reboot sucked because it wans’t funny and the marketing shat all over fans. ANY of these ideas would have done MORE than enough to get a sequel.

  6. Glad to see Knock, Knock on that list. I feel like that episode is good enough (and scary enough) to be made into a third movie with very few changes. Can you imagine those subway cars coming to life in cinematic form?

  7. I’ve never seen anything Ghostbusters so I don’t have much to say. But I DEFINITELY wasn’t going to see the newer movie since it had Melissa McCarthy in it. Her movies never seem to match her talent. In fact, it just looked like Bridesmaids (which is one of my least favorite movies of all time) with ghosts.

  8. What do you mean WOULD HAVE? Ghostbusters 3 was divided but it has a LOT of fans, some of whom felt it surpassed the original.

    I haven’t seen the film personally but that was the critical response I remember ready. A wide spectrum of ‘awful’, ‘mediocre’, and ‘excellent’.

    • Regardless of your opinion of the Ghostbusters reboot, it wasn’t Ghostbusters 3. It wasn’t a sequel, it was a similar concept with different characters and no direct in-universe link to the original two.

      Personally, I’m of the opinion that Ghostbusters 3 should never be made now that Harold Ramis is dead and the rest of the cast are getting quite old. It was already a very iffy proposition trying to recapture what made the original great, and I feel like making a sequel of any quality at this late point would be impossible. Oddly enough, I do think a reboot is the only way to possibly go forward, and one with an all-female main cast is a great way of distinguishing it from the original and breathing some variety into it. It’s just too bad they made a lazy, generic, obnoxious comedy with a Ghostbusters logo and some Scooby-Doo ghosts slapped on it for a shameless cash-in on name recognition, instead of putting any real effort into it.

      • TragicGuineaPig

        There was a Ghostbusters 3. But it was on the XBox 360. Seriously, for people that want something to continue from the original, the game is a serious throwback as well as a good continuation of the series.

        • No, there was no Ghostbusters 3. There was Ghostbusters: The Video Game what many people consider as true sequel of the series and for a good reason.

          Personally I thin that person from previous post mistake people opinion about the game with what people thing about that lackluster trash reboot was. And again, not because of female team, but bad jokes and effects.

        • I agree with Rezro that it’s not Ghostbusters 3… but it was a game that was way better than it had any right to be, and probably the closest we’ll ever get. It really nailed the atmosphere of the original, from the 1980s-ness to the New York City pride to the spooky occult atmosphere. I enjoy giving it another play every couple years. My only complaint would be that Bill Murray was really different in his portrayal of Venkman, kind of muttering his lines. Everyone else was great.

      • The Real Silverstar

        Bill Murray said it best: “No one wants to see 60-year-old men donning proton packs.”

        • TragicGuineaPig

          Except that I think that’s what a lot of us really did want to see. Or at least thought we did. Then again, there’s The Expendables franchise, which seems to be all about taking old action movie stars and putting them into combat again.

        • So why that is now a issue now for you if you previously said something else? Wait.. troll detected! 0_0

    • TragicGuineaPig

      For one thing, the new one contains a lot of raunchy-for-raunchy-sake kind of humor, which is a big turn-off for me. Some people may like that; I don’t.

      And I do think some people did enjoy that it was Rule 63, not out of supporting any kind of political/social agenda, but just because they genuinely appreciated it for themselves. Nothing wrong with that, as long as they don’t accuse me of anything for not feeling the same.

      As for me, if I”m going to watch something called Ghostbusters, I want it to evoke the same kinds of feelings I have for the original, and this just didn’t do it for me. It felt like a cash-in attempt than an attempt to tell a genuinely entertaining story. It relied too much on the original to stand by itself, but it didn’t rely enough on the original to secure itself as part of the franchise.

      And again, as I stated above, if it had included Venkman, Ray, Winston, and Jeanine as actual Ghostbusters, and not just as Easter egg cameos, it would have gone a long way in pulling in the fans. They still could have had a predominantly female team – maybe even led by Jeanine – but let the originals do their thing.

      P.S. I try not to use the term “original” with the Venkman, Ray, Egon, Winston team, because the original Ghostbusters were actually two gangsters and a gorilla.

      • The Real Silverstar

        “P.S. I try not to use the term “original” with the Venkman, Ray, Egon, Winston team, because the original Ghostbusters were actually two gangsters and a gorilla.”


        Not only did Filmation’s 1975 “The Ghost Busters” series (note the different spelling) come first, but Filmation was originally going to produce the animated series based on the 1984 Ghostbusters movie, but Columbia Pictures backed out at the last minute, leaving Filmation to make a cartoon based on their series instead.

        (Incidentally, while I liked The Real Ghostbusters cartoon OK, concept-wise I always preferred Filmation’s version, as it was more cartoonish. I have a fondness for wacky, nutty stuff.)

        • TragicGuineaPig

          I remember a lot of those old live-action “cartoons”: The original Ghost Busters, Far Out Space Nuts, Shazam and Isis (I remember thinking Isis was hot, and that was even before I really understood what “hot” meant).

        • Haha, on the Filmation cartoon:

          I remember vividly as a child watching cartoons with my brother before school and seeing the promo “coming up next, The Ghostbusters!” and getting all excited…then the Filmation ghostbusters cartoon came on and my brother and I turned to each other and asked “This isn’t Ghostbusters, what is this garbage? Why do they have an ape?”

          We were super confused and felt as badly betrayed as this generation with the Ghostbusters reboot, only we were lucky enough to get “The Real Ghostbusters” cartoon only weeks later!

          • TragicGuineaPig

            Believe it or not, but when the first film came out, I actually wondered if they were going to somehow try to incorporate an intelligent gorilla.

          • You must be a few years older than I am. I only knew Larry Storch from F-Troop reruns they used to show in syndication, I had no idea there was a Ghostbusters live action show from the late 70s. BTW, that gorilla suit looked pretty good for a low budget show.

  9. I submit 2 episodes that would make great movies.
    1) “I am the City” In this episode, the Babylonian city-god Marduk comes the NYC. Marduk is actually a god guy, swooping in to save the day whenever trouble appears. The problem comes with his opposite number, Tiamat. The Ghostbusters are afraid that Tiamat will track him and they’ll fight causing untold collateral damage.
    2) “Mr. Sandman Dream Me a Dream” This one centers on Winston. A rogue Sandman is putting the city to sleep and filling the streets with living dreams. As the Ghostbusters try to stop him, they get picked off one by one until only Winston remains.

  10. I like the IDW Ghostbusters comics. They are a direct continuation from the original continuity of “Ghostbusters”, including the video game, and inter-woven storylines that can easily be adapted into film.

  11. It would be pretty cool to see someone take on an elder god level threat in any movie, but Ghostbusters is probably one of the best suited for it. I think we got a little bit of a Chthulu cameo in the climax of the first Hell Boy movie but there aren’t that many big screen examples of Lovecraft’s most famous creation.

    As for the controversy about the all female cast in the Ghostbusters reboot, I NEVER had a problem with an all female cast, in fact I LOVE seeing female protagonists in stuff. No, my problem with the reboot was that it WAS a REBOOT, ignoring previous continuity, forgetting the original cast, and just doing a mediocre remake with slightly different jokes. Imagine if Star Wars episode VII didn’t continue the franchise but instead tried to restart it using Rey as Luke Skywalker’s replacement? Even if that movie was awesome it would have faced MASSIVE backlash from the dedicated fanbase. Plus I think there was some real cynicism on the movie makers’ part here. I think they KNEW a ghostbusters reboot would be poorly received because the fans wanted a part 3, not a do-over; so they went with an all female cast so they could deflect any negative press to “those critics just hate women, misogyny!” That way they wouldn’t have to defend their movie’s REAL weaknesses or address how they failed to meet the fan’s expectations.

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