Top 10 Hey Arnold Episodes – Calluna

Calluna counts down her top 10 favorite episodes of Hey Arnold! Stay tuned at the end to find out which episode was voted as the fan favorite!

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  1. I hate Arnold’s Halloween because I hate anyone story that just dismisses the belief in the paranormal and doesn’t leave it open ended. Big Bob was convinced he’s been abducted in that episode but one hoax makes him turn into a UFO atheist?


  3. I love to see some a precreation for hay Arnold. as while I didn’t get to see a lot of it growing up but what I saw always stayed with me. the pigeon man episode, I cant remember the name of this next one but when Arnold ad the gang went to a island near the city I recall how much creepy fun that episode was. and offcourse Arnolds Christmas that thing had me in tears when I was a little kid.

    great list Calluna

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