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AngryJoe painfully presents a list of the most utterly Disappointing Games of 2017!

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  1. I actually wouldn’t mind the Angara in Andromeda so much, in spite of them being fairly derivative of existing Mass Effect races, if they were one of several new races introduced. I mean, several from the past games were removed from this game, and only one was introduced to replace them. WTF? It’s an entire new galaxy! There should be more races!

  2. Well I’m glad I didn’t play any of these. The Lawbreakers thing is pretty hilarious, talk about hubris.

  3. 2017 was the year Triple A gaming truly jumped the shark in hiding the true price of a game.

    The real retail cost of these big budget games is over $60 when you factor in the marketing costs and bloated executive salaries…so they’ve been successfully charging us upwards of $90 to $120 or more with microtransactions, season passes, DLC, etc…

    Now with these gambling systems tied to progression and present as an integral part of the base game, even in single player, they aren’t able to hide it any longer. It’s either abject greed, bloated development costs, investors running the show, or a combination of all these things.

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