Top 10 Most Meaningful Cast Members from The Flash – Blockbuster Buster

ERod highlights some of the very clever casting in the modern Flash Series.

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  1. Alaster Boneman

    dameit barry

  2. I’m actually getting into The Flash because of this video.

  3. YES! The Flash is my favorite show. Although, I got the distinct feeling that you don’t The Flash show much. I haven’t seen any older Superman media so I didn’t get #10. I forgot about #9. #8 is funny. I didn’t know about #7, #4, or #3. I knew about #2 but I really should check out the old Flash show. I didn’t realize that Morena Baccarin was Gideon but I knew she was in Gotham and Deadpool. I should have known who would be #1. ;D

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