Top 10 Movie Based Games – Bargain Boy

First ever top ten list in good, old-fashioned, budget-friendly Bargain Boy fashion! Let’s get them thangs rollin’!

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  1. Great list Bargain Boy. Although your #2 is my #1. 😉

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    I enjoyed the Star Wars Pod Racer game. I’m not sure if it fits with the format of your list, but I liked it.

    The Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games were some of my all-time favorite games.

    • That was one of the only good things to come out of the prequels. I mean, I was sitting in the theater watching Episode I, and seeing that scene my first thought was “Well this is obviously going to be a video game.” Pretty sure the only reason that scene even exists is so that they could make a game from it.

  3. No Ghostbusters or Wolverine? BOOO

    • Wolverine I haven’t played yet, though I admit I should have given at least an honourable mention, but Ghostbusters doesn’t fit the criteria of the list. Absolutely awesome game, though!

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