Top 10 Reasons Why The Last Jedi Made Me ANGRY

While I did enjoy The Last Jedi overall I wanted to organize all the problems the film had into one list to help explain why this is one of the most divisive Star Wars Films yet.

Its not about its new direction, we are on board for that, just because this film makes some “Bold New Choices” doesnt excuse it from how they treated older legendary characters, dropped certain plot points, wasted time with a terrible subplot and finally created a few plot holes along the way!

Full List of Reasons Featured in Video:
1. The Death of Luke
2. Luke’s Legacy & Behavior
3. The Death of Snoke
4. Finn & Rose’s Subplot
5. Rey’s Parents are Nobody
6. Death & Return of Leia
7. Death of Phasma
8. Humor & Tone Issues
9. Dropped Force Awakens Subplots
10. Plot Holes
11. First Order Fleet Chases instead of Destroys
12. Vice Admiral Holdo Sucks
13. A Single X-Wing can Destroy a Dreadnought
14. Why didnt Kylo notice Luke Projection
15. Knights of Ren Dropped
16. Kylo Ren & Vader Relationship Dropped
17. Rey Perfect Saber Techniques with No Training
18. Snoke doesnt know his ship can track the enemy?
19. Yoda looks weird! (and can control lighting?)
20. Rey happens to be at correct spot to save everyone and lifts all rocks with no training.
21. Why was Finn hurt if it has no ramifications?
22. Rose Falling in Love with Finn was Stupid!

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  1. “While I did enjoy The Last Jedi overall…”

    Keep this in mind people before you start screaming in here that the movie is an absolute sin, and those that enjoy this movie all are sell-outs.

    As AngryJoe is saying, some things in the movie made him angry, BUT he’s not saying its a terrible movie.

    (I’m typing this, because I saw what the Star Wars fans did to the Rose Wookiepedia page, and that was absolutely disgusting.)

  2. I liked the movie mostly but it was also disappointing and that held it back from being practically perfect for me like Force Awakens. Yeah, I wish more questions were answered. What about the Knights of Ren? I didn’t mind Snoke’s death though but it felt like a twist that would have happened in Ep 9. I didn’t mind most of the jokes except for the casino scene and the nipple scene. I liked all the other jokes, especially the Hux scene. I didn’t mind Phasma’s end. She was the mostly silent lady with the pretty good fight scenes. I didn’t mind Luke dying but it felt like Ep 9 stuff. I liked Leia’s scene. It made sense. The anti-plot about Rey’s parents was so anti-climactic. They should have just said it in the first one. If that were the case, I wouldn’t be so disappointed. I didn’t care about the Rose love story but again it felt like Ep 9 stuff. *sigh* I’m SO glad that J.J. Abrams is coming back. Rian Johnson needed a second writer on this.

  3. With the the Leila thing: she was in mortal peril. People n extreme circumstances have hbeen known to exhibit abilities they never have before. Pure instinct can trump training and skill when your life is at stake. I see it as an instance where The Force completely took over. I rolled my eyes at it the first time around, but since I was ready for it, it didn’t really bother me on the second viewing. The same can be said for almost everything I had issues with after the first viewing.

  4. I didn’t really have issue with most of this stuff, besides maybe Snoke dying before we learn anything about him, and Yoda did kinda look weird. If anything I felt the movie was overlong and dragged a bit a certain points.

  5. I agree with all of this.

  6. Personally I like Rei’s parents being nobodies a lot. Why does she have to come from a special lineage in order to be strong in the Force or to be a hero? She doesn’t. I think it’s far more impressive that she chose to be a hero on her own instead of being born to it because she’s special. And since the possibility of her being a Skywalker is clearly out, who on earth would be left for her parents to be? I’d much rather they just be random strangers than for them to just make up some Force senstive family we’ve never heard of before out of thin air to explain it.

    Also this still is the story of the Skywalker family to an extent. We still have a Skywalker descendant as a main character, it’s just that he’s villain and not the hero. But really, we’ve have 6 movies so far telling the story with that family and it was pretty much meant to end with Anakin’s death and redemption because that was the point of that story. Rei is pretty much the start of a new generation of Force users, one that’s informed by and connected to those of the past but also at the same time have their own story to tell. And it just kind of seems sad and depressing to me that you don’t care about Rei now just because she doesn’t have some super special heritage.

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