Top 10 Redistributed Game of Thrones Characters – Calluna

Calluna counts down 10 book-only Game of Thrones characters whose stories were given to different characters on screen.

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  1. The enmity between the Tyrells and the Martells is actually centuries old and dates back to when the Targaryens were trying to make Dorne submit. Look up the “bed of scorpions” incident. The Targaryens briefly crushed Dorne, and put the Tyrells over them, and I don’t think any Dornishmen have really forgotten it. They tend to have long memories.

  2. When I think of the allianc between Rob and the Freys I just think of how much MORE Frey would have ended up getting out of the bargain than was originally agreed to.

    Frey signed up for the Lord of the north, Not the King of the North and the Riverlands. Breaking that marriage contract and pushing it to Rob’s uncle makes sense from a contract perspective.

    The original terms of the contract were agreed to in good faith, but the surrounding circumstances changed so much that the original deal needed to be renegotiated.

  3. Two more possibilities: Lyanna Mormont in some ways takes over for Wyman Manderly.

    Euron (and Yara/Asha) take some of the Victarion plot.

  4. Strong Belwas. One of his defining moments was taken by Daario Naharis.

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